Wikileak reveals ... conga line of reckless journalists

John Garnaut, Look to China's past to understand its tactics
Rudd's unsolicited enthusiasm ''to deploy force if everything goes wrong'' and his willingness to posit Australia directly against China's growing military capability seems unnecessary, given the vast gap between Australian and Chinese capability. It also seems short-sighted given how tightly our economies and people are intertwined. Australia should not be signalling to Washington, let alone Beijing, that it ranks China closer to an enemy than friend, given what is at stake if that favour is repaid.
Question for John Garnaut: why are we financing China's military rise with trade if their peacefulness is so fickle that war can be ignited with a stray word from us? Why are you so willing to recklessly gamble our national security on such a random state of affairs?

Answer: because questioning trade with China now would make the entire journalist and political class look like profound morons for leading us to such an insane state of affairs. So they all just shut up and hope the public doesn't notice that our leadership is totally nuts. Completely bonkers.

Question: after Rudd's Wikileak, how many journalists questioned the wisdom of trading with China? None. Why?

Answer: because 99% of journalists and politicians are braindead and emotion-neutered tagalongs on the conga line of junkies shooting black coal into their veins and getting high sniffing coal seam gas. They're so freakin high they get jittery whenever someone mentions cutting off trade with China.

File under: words can tame lions, or enrage them, so be careful what you say. But don't be alarmed, keep feeding the lion anyway. Now, where's my stash of coal, man? *sniff*

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