Rudd spending money like a drunken ... ideologue

The Asia-Pacific Union still exists inside Kevin Rudd's head. And, just like the EU, it's a ravenous black hole sucking your tax dollars into a vortex of suicidal nation-destroying policies. Rudd is spending your money to brainwash future leaders with his insane idea of an APU.

Latin American students to study in Australia
Australia will offer 200 Latin American university students scholarships to study Down Under...

... primarily to postgraduate Latin American students over the next four years.

An extra 110 scholarships will be offered to Caribbean students too.

"The awards aim to foster a new generation of regional leaders who develop a strong understanding of Australia while studying at our universities," Mr Rudd said.
If you can't sleep, here is Big Kev's speech. I can't stomach it right now. But you don't need to read his speech to know the outcome: few Aussie students will talk to the Latinos, except when fighting over a wave ...

Gold Coast News, Racial friction rages on waves
TENSIONS between local and Brazilian surfers threaten to reach boiling point, with reports of heated arguments at surfing breaks and even a knife incident.

Brazilian and local surfers are frequently abusing each other to secure the best waves at crowded beaches...

Racist graffiti has also appeared across streets near the surfing breaks.

The words 'Go home Brazil' were spray painted across two lanes in Hill Street, Coolangatta, last month while 'This is Burleigh not Brazil' was painted across Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads.

A Snapper Rocks Surfriders Club member, who did not want to be named, said local surfers were sick of Brazilians surfing 'aggressively' and 'in packs'.

"Every time I'm in the surf there's always arguments breaking out between your daily surfers and the Brazilians," he said.

"They are really rude and arrogant.

"Brazilians are really aggressive when it comes to getting a wave and they show no respect to the locals who have been surfing these breaks our whole lives.

"The blokes are the worst as they come out in packs of five or more."
File under: this is Burleigh not Brazil.

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