Coronavirus is attack on Defender-Europe military exercise

If you were pondering conspiracy theories about coronavirus, ponder no more. We now have a solid motive. Since January, US troops have been arriving in Europe and building up for a large military exercise which runs up until June.

Almost certainly, coronavirus is a deliberate bio attack on the Defender-Europe military exercise in the Baltic Sea / Germany region, which includes 30,000 US troops and would have been the biggest exercise in 25 years.

Thus Wuhan was likely a fake/controlled outbreak. The purpose was to create a smokescreen to release the virus on Europe without it looking like a deliberate attack.

That explains China's magical containment of the virus. And why Xi Jinping was "brave" enough to visit Wuhan recently. And why China's confident propaganda has instantly kicked back into overdrive.

There never was a pandemic in Wuhan, it was all theatre, an elaborate Truman Show which the gullible world ate up. Or there was a Wuhan outbreak, but it was controllable because they engineered a cure/vaccine along with engineering the virus.

Now all the conspiracy talk about coronavirus is no longer fringe, it's more likely fact. And with the focus on Europe and the Baltic Sea, expect Russia to also be involved with China in this operation.

Note the troops started arriving in January, same time as the virus hit.

Also, note how China is now blaming the US military for the origin of the virus. It all fits into the motive of discrediting the US military and kicking it out of Europe and Asia.

- The epicentre of South Korea's outbreak in Daegu is surrounded by US bases
- Italy's outbreak is in the north where US bases have been locked down
- Washington State's coronavirus outbreak is also near military bases

And the Iran outbreak was probably faked/controllable too, coordinated by China/Russia. The purpose being to scare surrounding US bases into retreat or shutdown.

And if think China would never do something like this, see the note at the bottom of the page, about the location of Australia's flesh-eating bacteria outbreak.
Coronavirus forces Pentagon to curtail large Defender-Europe 20 exercise

The Pentagon has ordered a halt to the deployment of forces for Defender-Europe 20, which would have been the military’s largest exercise on the Continent in a generation, because of concerns about the coronavirus, U.S. European Command said Monday...

Around 20,000 U.S.-based troops were to take part in Defender, joining thousands of other American and allied forces already based in places like Poland, Germany and the Baltic States. The exercise was to run through June...

Since January, the Army has deployed about 6,000 soldiers from the U.S. to Europe, including a division headquarters and an armored brigade combat team. It also moved 9,000 vehicles and pieces of equipment from Army prepositioned stocks and 3,000 pieces of equipment via sea from the United States to the Continent, EUCOM said.
About DEFENDER-Europe 20

Exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20 is a U.S.-led multinational exercise, including NATO's participation.  It is the largest deployment of U.S.-based forces to Europe in more than 25 years with 20,000 soldiers deployed directly from the U.S. to Europe. As such, it demonstrates U.S. commitment to NATO and its resolve to stand by its European Allies and Partners.
30,000 U.S. Soldiers Sent into Europe Without Masks

... the Defender Europe 20 exercise, the largest U.S. troop deployment in Europe in the last 25 years. Including those already present, about 30,000 U.S. troops will participate in April and May, flanked by 7,000 troops from 17 NATO member and partner countries, including Italy.
And if you think China wouldn't do something like this, then explain why ground-zero of Australia's flesh-eating bacteria outbreak is right next door to our naval training headquarters. That's the handiwork of either Russia or China, and Australia is an awfully long way from Russia, so China is the likely culprit. Australia has no shortage of Chinese agents hidden in our 2 million Chinese immigrant population.

Florida also has the flesh-eating bacteria in suspicious locations near bases.

"All warfare is based on deception" -- Sun Tzu.

File Under: Unrestricted Warfare

Trump is trying to shape China (and it will fail like the Middle East)

Trump's apparent backflip on ZTE Phones reveals a disturbing paternal mindset about China. He first takes a hard line with China, but in the next breath comforts them with a constructive way forward. He is trying to shape China.

But this approach will fail just like the US failed to shape the Middle East. Just like you cannot turn Muslim countries into democracies, you cannot turn China into a nation that plays fair, and works for win-win mutually beneficial outcomes.

China has a 2000 year old supremacist narrative, where they are the top dog, and everyone else ("barbarians") kowtows to them. That is what Xi is all about, reverting to type.

Read these books on China, and see what we're up against:

  • The 100 Year Marathon, by Dr Michael Pillsbury
  • Bully of Asia, by Steven Mosher
  • Hegemon, by Steven Mosher

Watch Chinese TV and you'll see a supremacist narrative running through their views:

The three ‘genetic defects’ of the Western model

They view Western democracies as a failed and dying model, that's why Xi is running the other way, back to authoritarian/totalitarian control freakery. Chinese TV is laughing at us, mocking us. They already have a supremacist narrative, and it's insane to think we can shape China like we tried to shape the Middle East.

Nothing but force will halt the march of China. Stop trying to shape China, and gear up the military and allies, because they will goose step over everyone until they are stopped. And just like North Korea is stalling for time, China will also stretch out negotiations with false promises and token gestures, while their military advances and expands over the globe.

Lessons in Community Organising for Identitarians

Despite the resurgence of identity-based politics lately e.g. Trump, Brexit, and Len Pen, nonetheless there are serious concerns about the long-term viability of this movement. Trump is falling short of his promises, Brexit has stalled, Le Pen missed out, and the Alt-Right movement drove itself into a ditch in Charlottesville.

All of which begs the question: is this a viable long-term movement, or a balloon about to fizz out across the room. The answer lies in two quotes:


Trump, Farage and Le Pen all have two things in common:

A - They are largely self-made, spontaneous leaders. Obviously they are influenced by their parents, but otherwise they are self-made.

B - Their support base is largely reactive in nature. Brexit and Le Pen were largely reactions to the Merkel-inspired invasion of refugees into Europe, and the increase in terrorism across Europe. And while Trump's support was based on a wider range of anti-globalist issues, that too is somewhat reactive.

And the problem with the identitarian movement generally is:

C - The relationships between supporters tend to be superficial and ephemeral i.e. we come together around campaigns, or the news/outrage of the day, and we communicate mostly via social media. But those connections largely rescind the rest of the time, and we're left on our own.


But in order to create a viable long-term movement, we need to move beyond spontaneous reactions, and into the proactive realm. And we need to move beyond ephemeral relationships and into a deeper relationship dynamic i.e. a supportive community that embodies our ideas, and inspires us to action, and keeps us on track, and has its own momentum, resources, spirit and wisdom to guide us.

A sustainable movement requires a group with a sound mind, body and spirit, in order to have any chance of surviving in a tough world. And the enormity of that challenge necessitates a deeper relationship dynamic. Ad hoc connections just don't create the type of dynamic required to build a thriving group, the connections are too weak.

So, how do we build such a group that is proactive and produces its own leaders? And has a deep relationship dynamic that creates momentum? That is the million dollar question, and that is the next phase of rebuilding the identity-based movement. Successful groups have certain qualities and we need to discover what they are.

Below, is a taste of what community organising looks like. These videos are mostly on the liberal side of politics, and some of them borrow from religion, but nonetheless there are lessons to be learned here for all identitarians.

Due to health problems, I can't do this topic justice. This will just be a glimpse, a taste of a much bigger topic. Others will have to take the ball and run with it, if our movement is to have any future. It's a much bigger topic, and smarter people than me will need to get involved.

But this is the direction we need to head in. In order to be creating leaders, and taking charge of our own destiny, we need mature communities.

Note that I don't see small isolated communities as the ultimate goal, but rather, as communities being the vehicle to create a much bigger network of co-ordinated groups. As small groups, we are still impotent. Only when co-ordinated into a large group do we become effective in politics, and effective if some sort of collapse happens. From little things, big things grow.

On the Group Fitness website, I outlined a structure to bind together the various subgroups of white/Western world with a unifying meta narrative. But we also need to build specific groups, and that is question here i.e. what are the qualities of successful groups and how do we organise them at the community level?

This is the next phase of the identity-based movement. Either we make this transition to community organising, or we die out like the dodo bird.

Jonathan Haidt, The Righteous Mind:
We are Homo duplex; we are 90 percent chimp and 10 percent bee. Successful religions work on both levels of our nature to suppress selfishness, or at least to channel it in ways that often pay dividends for the group...

Religions are moral exoskeletons. If you live in a religious community, you are enmeshed in a set of norms, relationships, and institutions that ... influence your behaviour. But if you are an atheist living in a looser community with a less binding moral matrix, you might have to rely somewhat more on an internal moral compass... That might sound appealing to rationalists, but it is also a recipe for anomie--Durkheim's word for what happens to a society that no longer has a shared moral order. (It means, literally, "normlessness"). We evolved to live, trade, and trust within shared moral matrices. When societies lose their grip on individuals, allowing all to do as they please, the result is often a decrease in happiness and an increase in suicide...

Societies that forgo the exoskeleton of religion should reflect carefully on what will happen to them over several generations. We don’t really know, because the first atheistic societies have only emerged in Europe in the last decades. They are the least efficient societies ever known at turning resources (of which they have a lot) into offspring (of which they have few)...

Let us embrace a realistic picture of human nature, then maximize the benefits of our hivishness while minimizing its negative externalities.
That's just a start. It's a much bigger topic than I can cover.

Note that I'm not advocating for either atheism or religion. The identitarian movement contains both subgroups, who will create their own distinct communities, and we need to get along and learn from each other.

File under: rules for "radicals".

Weather Bombs: is China hacking the ionosphere?

We've spoken in the past about China's full-spectrum covert warfare, known as Unrestricted Warfare, of which the cyber-war is just the tip of the iceberg.

I have no doubt that China is very active in covert warfare, and a lot of "accidents" in the West are not accidents at all, particularly in my country Australia which has a very large Chinese population, and is probably crawling with Chinese operatives.

My health doesn't permit me to compile much proof of this activity, so I'll just post this speculative video, and time will tell whether or not China is hacking the ionosphere, and influencing storms in other parts of the world.

We're told that, throughout history, the incumbent power under-estimates the strength of the new rising power. If China now has such technology, I have no doubt they will forge ahead and use it. There is certainly no shortage of "unusual" and "record" weather events over the past couple of years.

If China is using technology like HAARP to create storms, one clue to look for is a preceding event in the news that would provoke China into using it e.g. if some political action in the West goes against China. (For instance, there was a noticeable spike in global "accidents" following China's stock market crash in 2015, which they blamed on America).

Also, if China is engineering storms, it may think that America is doing likewise, so China may even think that natural storms in China are caused by America, and retaliate.

This is all speculative, but this is the spooky future we face. I have no doubt that China has an army of mad scientists trying to create all sorts of new weapons, and it's only a matter of time before that reality dawns upon us.

And as history shows, it usually comes sooner than you think, as the speed of the rising power catches everyone by surprise.

(Russia may also have similar technology, but I'd expect Russia to be more reticent to use it. China, on the other hand, strikes me as reckless and desperate to regain power, by any means).

File under: "the greatest intelligence failure in our history".

The Alt-Right brand is dead

Nobody has defined the Alt-Right more so than Richard Spencer, its de facto leader. Well spoken, well presented, reasonable, and civilised, Spencer articulated an alternative position between mainstream cuckservatives and far-right lunatics. A "middle" ground that could appeal to the masses. And appeal it did, breaking into the public debate at the highest levels along with the rise of Trump.

Alas, over the past year, that clear delineation has been muddied by Spencer flirting with the Nazi fringe, and failing to disavow the lunatics. Examples include:

- Downplaying Nazi salutes as Roman salutes.
- His "fashy" haircut.
- Describing the torch rally as "beautiful" when told it looked like a lynch mob.
- Thinking that marching with a "Unite The Right" crowd was a good idea.
- Bringing the far-right Jewish fixation back into the frame.

The end result is that the clear delineation is now gone, and Spencer appears not much different from the far-right loonies. There is no Alt-Right anymore, just the old far-right, at least that's how it appears to the public.

And now with the Charlottesville tragedy on top of that, it's game over for the Alt-Right brand. There is no coming back.

RamzPaul warned Spencer about flirting with the neo-Nazi fringe. But for some reason, he ignored it. I have no idea whether Spencer is naive or what his motives are. But it's too late now.

So, now anyone who wants to create a serious Alt-Right political or cultural group, is going to have to find their own brand, and learn from these lessons, and proactively keep a huge chasm between themselves and the lunatic neo-Nazi fringe, and probably abandon all forms of street protests too, and focus on real power instead of faux power.

Spencer said that Charlottesville was the "beginning of white civil rights movement". It's not. I don't know what planet Spencer is on, but he has now lost mainstream interest, not gained it.

Ultimately the future of white/Western people requires us to build articulated cultural/community type groups, from the ground up. That's not a rally, not a protest, and not a street movement. It's a holistic group that serves all our needs, and draws in everyday people, rather than turning them away with neo-Nazi crap.

RamzPaul on Charlottesville & the stupidity of marches

RamzPaul talks about the degeneration of the Alt-Right movement into neo-Nazi trash, and the stupidity of marches in a climate ruled by predatory bureaucrats and media.

VICE News has some watchable coverage of Charlottseville, albeit a skewed coverage.  But this is how the general public now sees the Alt-Right movement, as Nazis.

The whole point of the Alt-Right, as I understood it, was to differentiate from both Cuckservatives and Neo-Nazis, and offer something in between that would attract the general public. But now all the public sees is Nazis. This is what happens when you get a fashy haircut and start chanting with torches and flags.

White violence, faux power, and group fitness

In the wake of the violence in Charlottesville this weekend, we should be asking the question: what is power?

Is it found in noisy demonstrations?

Is it found in stirring speeches?

Is it found behind a cudgel and a crusader shield?

Is it found under a flag or a torch?

Is it found in an angry or witty YouTube video?

Or is it found in terrorism? In driving your car into a counter-protest?

Nope, these are all faux power. They make you feel good in the moment, and feel like you're doing something, but ultimately they do very little to advance the interests of white/Western people. And terrorism will do the opposite, it will just increase the scrutiny and control over us.

So, what is power? It is Group Fitness.

Group Fitness recognises that power is found in the State, and whites will only have power if they are (a) involved in politics or (b) preparing shadow organisations for when/if the State collapses or turns against them.

That's it. All the rest is noise and distraction.

The difference between Group Fitness and noisy faux power is recognising where power is, and what type of group is required to combat it. Group Fitness is intelligent and focused. It is a movement built upon community and upon articulated ideas. It grows like a cult, not like a rally.

Group Fitness sees white/Western people as an organic unit, which must have a sound mind, body and spirit, if it is to survive. It builds quietly, drawing people in like a cult, not like a rally.

So how do we make it happen? We need to start small groups that have intelligent leadership, and well articulated ideas, and that build community around these ideas. From little things, big things grow.

The future belongs to those who can organise white/Western people into a cohesive/organic unit that is intelligent and well resourced enough to compete in politics, and prepare for the worst if the State is turned against us.

Power is found in being part of an intelligent and cohesive unit. It is not found in noisy rallies.

So, find a group, or start a group, that has intelligent leadership. And build it slowly and quietly. And if we have enough groups like that, and we co-ordinate them together, then we might have some chance of surviving in an increasingly dangerous world. Otherwise, we will just be a laughing stock, and an evolutionary dodo bird.

To compete in this world requires intelligence and organisation - not noise, bluster or posturing. So get involved in an intelligent group, or you are wasting your time making useless noise.

See also: Group Fitness - Mind, Body & Spirit

Trump: Man v. Ideology

Why did Trump win? Because he represented a paradigm shift away from the failing ideologies of globalisation/open-borders, and back towards a realistic group-oriented identity politics i.e. sober protective nationalism. In a similar vein to Brexit.

One key ideology that Trump defied was the insane free-trade groupthink that has crushed debate for decades, summed up beautifully in this Michael Moore video:

Anne Coulter also sums it up, it was all about "globalism vs. nationality":

And tech billionaire Peter Thiel also hit the nail on the head, by saying that we've been living in these fantasy bubbles, that have trapped us in over-optimistic ideologies such as free-trade and endless unwinnable wars in the Muslim world:
"We’re voting for Trump because we judge the leadership of our country to have failed ...

The trade bubble says everyone’s a winner. The war bubble says victory is just around the corner, but these overoptimistic stories simply aren’t true and voters are tired of being lied to. …

Whatever happens in this election, Trump represents isn’t crazy, and it’s not going away. He points towards a new Republican party beyond the dogma of Reaganism".

And here's a reminder of how free-trade isn't working for America, leaving them mired with permanent trade deficits.

Carefully managed trade with peaceful allies can be a good thing. But mindless and reckless free-trade with our enemies is complete insanity.

Hat tip: WentworthReport.Com

File under: reality v. ideology.

Group Fitness - Mind, Body & Spirit

My new website is now live:

Below is the table of contents, followed by a brief introduction.

Some of the pictures are a bit flippant, but the content is serious. The topic is so heavy, that I'd rather lighten the tone, than bring it down with depressing pictures.

IF THE NUMBER of dystopian metaphors in circulation is any indication, we live in troubled times. Apparently, the Western world is asleep, absent minded, and on the path to suicide.  Read More...

HUMAN NATURE IS GROUP ORIENTED. Generally speaking, we like to harmonise with the people around us. Groupishness, to a large degree, is the natural state of humans. Read More...

THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. For this website, I'm going to assume that the pursuit of happiness is our goal as individuals. At least for most of us, most of the time. Read More...

INDIVIDUALISM WITHOUT GROUP DIRECTION. In recent times the West has made great strides in the pursuit of individual happiness. However, in many other ways, the West is headed in a distinctly unhappy direction. Read More...

UNDER PRESSURE, only clear and strong ideas survive. Vague, woolly, and complicated thoughts can get thrown by the wayside under the stress of competition. Read More ...

The purpose of the website is to address the lack of constructive and unifying narrative in the Western world, which is a one reason why we're slow to mount much resistance to our decline.

The website is not a detailed prescription for the West. Rather, it's a broad unifying structure and foundation. In technical terms it's a structural, meta-ethical and relational narrative.

That said, it's not a highbrow or intellectual narrative at all. It's actually just common sense.

It's about setting some common goals, outlining a structure within which to pursue those goals, and facilitating smooth relations between the various subgroups of the West.

In terms of goals, the website focuses on the human dimension to life i.e. the pursuit of happiness. That said, it's not anti-religion, or anti-tradition. It's not prescriptive down to that level.

The structure is where group fitness comes in. The key concept is that "groups survive, individualism dies" and so our happiness depends on us falling into line with some group structure, and putting our talents to work in the interests of our group's survival.

The relational aspect is just some ideas for facilitating smooth relations between the subgroups of the West. The purpose being to keep the West as big and united as possible, because we're going to need every friend and ally we can make, going forward in a hostile world.

("United" does not mean forced coexistence or forced mixing, it just means goodwill and cooperation against common threats).

For veterans of the alt-right/conservative scene, there's not a whole lot new here. It's just re-packaging some common sense basics. But even these basics are still muddled too often, meaning that we're spinning our wheels instead of going forward with a unifying narrative. We need to put these basics behind us, and get on with confronting the serious threats in front of us.

If you see any typing errors, or other problems reading or viewing the website, let me know.

Due to health problems, I ran out of steam before completing the website, and there are a few incomplete or sketchy sections at the end. But I may not have the energy to finish it off, so I'm publishing it "as is".

If you like the website, please copy, download, republish, or mirror it, in case it ever disappears. There are no copyright restrictions on the content.

Alt-Right Meta (on Reddit)

Alt-Right Meta: more commentary and less news.

There's now a Reddit forum dedicated to Alt-Right commentary, minus all the distracting news.

Essentially, it's a low noise forum, which limits the news reporting to just big events, and thus leaves space for thoughtful alt-right commentary, which might otherwise get lost in the stream of negative news flowing by these days.

I also have an embedded Storify page which I update with news.