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This blog is addressed primarily to Australians of Anglo/Celtic ancestry, and to people of related Northern European origin, and to people who identify with Western values.

Emotional-Rational Beginnings

Not so long ago, our ancestors were motivated largely by an emotional-rational mindset. This mindset valued emotion and knowledge, which gave rise to a society where homogeneity and civility were prominent.

Our ancestors lived in homogeneous groups as tribes, clans and nations. The emotional mindset acknowledged an aversion to diversity as a normal part of human nature. Preference for living amongst our own kind felt as natural as breathing. It didn't need explaining, it was shared commonsense.

Our ancestors also developed a knowledge and experience of diversity: they studied other races, religions, civilisations, and conflicts. This rational mindset built up a knowledge of the realities of diversity, which generally reinforced our aversion to it.

The emotional mindset also gave rise to rules of civilised behaviour. We developed civilised norms of appearance and conduct that enabled large numbers of people to comfortably co-exist.

Whilst religion also played an important part, homogeneity and civility were cornerstones of our civilisation: a manifestation of the emotional-rational mindset.

Ideological Diversion

Fast forward to Australia today, and we see a country moving away from civil homogeneity towards diversity and barbarity. The question follows: if civil homogeneity is both desirable and prudent, how did we give it up so easily?

Basically we have moved from an emotional-rational mindset to an ideological mindset. That ideology is: diversity and globalisation. How did ideology rise? In the dust of two world wars, complacency has allowed ideology to rise and emotion is now blamed retrospectively for wars, slavery, imperialism, etc. It has also risen on the back of cultural fragmentation since the 60's which encouraged individualism over conformity.

Some of this was a natural and desirable reaction to the horror of war and the confines of groupthink. However, the pendulum has swung too far and we are in the midst of a gross over-reaction. The problem with ideological mindsets, as with religious mindsets, is that once unhinged from emotional and rational grounding they are prone to float off in dangerous directions. The ruling elites argue over what the ideology stands for, and literally anything is the outcome. Ideology is blind to knowledge that contradicts its dogmas, and deaf to your emotional needs. It is unpredictable and dangerous.

And so in Australia, and the Western world, we see a number of problems resulting from diversity and globalisation:

Blind to Knowledge

- free trade is not leading to global peace, but is leading to war
- the U.S. economy cannot recover under free-trade, due to a permanent trade deficit
- debating the true nature of Islam is off limits
- discussing the downside of diversity is off limits
- the consequences of whites becoming a minority are never discussed
- a frank discussion about the right kind of migrants is off limits
- whilst population goes up, quality of life continues to go down
- free speech is threatened by political correctness
- the displacement of whites from the professional class is never discussed
- the wisdom of making China rich is never discussed
- trying to modernise Islamic countries in spite of the retrograde force of Islam
- the underlying Islamic influence on the Arab-Israeli conflict is never discussed

Deaf to Your Emotional Needs

- the human cost of industries devastated by free-trade is overlooked
- despite widespread opposition to diverse immigration, diversity grows
- despite the white flight from neighbourhoods and schools, diversity grows
- despite employer bias against foreigners, diversity grows
- despite decades of diversity propaganda, segregation is still preferred
- despite widespread outrage over border security, politicians ignore the pleas
- despite widespread bewilderment, the insane movement towards open borders continues
- lack of political representation forces whites to vote for far-right parties, which in turn are threatened with prohibition
- the transformation of our sports proceeds without consent of the fans
- Western nations are becoming increasingly rude
- the sexualisation of public space erodes civility
- the revolting tattoo and piercing culture spreads

Leadership Crisis

As ideology becomes further unhinged, diversity and globalisation proceed with no apparent limits, the people sense there is no sane leadership in place, and chaos follows. It's every man for himself out there and civility is replaced with barbarity.

Back to the Future

At the end of the day, ideology has risen not because it's a good idea, but because we have simply taken our hands off the wheel and let the ideologues take over. It's now time to move back towards the emotional-rational mindset, with due care taken to avoid the extremes of the past.

So this blog will be highlighting news and views that show the failings of ideology, and highlighting positive views that show the way forward. It's about the endless stream of news articles that beg the question: gee, why are we moving in such a stupid and undesirable direction? The problem is ideology. The solution is to reassert emotion and reason as core values of our civilisation.

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  1. What is written here clarifies how many are feeling but perhaps intellectually unable to express.

    I've been noticing an unfortunately rapid decline in social cohesion since the 1970's. Increasing numbers in our society feel very angry. Sometimes the tension is boiling - with the lid on.

  2. it feels like social engineering.Being told how to feel and what to think.

  3. Fed up to the back teethOctober 25, 2010 at 5:20 PM

    Now we are seeing local upset about sudden refurbishing of military barracks to house detained illegals. Not enough places for old Aussies (some whose own houses could do with refurbishing too) who paid taxes all their lives and no-one to look after them with free this and free that. Plenty of money to look after healthy economic refugees that arrive here from Indonesia. They say that the arrivals are fleeing very bad conditions - I didn't think Indonesia was torturing them. No, they want our social security benefits because culturally similar but far less generous Indonesia won't give them the goodies that Australia hands out.

  4. I'm sure the aboriginal people of Australia would have something to say about all giving up civil homogeneity. Why do you feel so entitled? I'm also sure you won't publish this comment.

    1. What's done is done. I'm in favour of the same thing for Aboriginals as for Anglos i.e. a place of their own, to be free from diversity. I don't have a clear idea, but something like a new federalism sounds good to me i.e. give each ethnic/racial group their own space and stop the march of diversity.