Skateboarder hurt by ... Asians with meat cleaver

A more graphic video of the bleeding skateboarder is at NineMSN.

Teen attacked with meat cleaver in St Kilda
Authorities are searching for a group of Asian men after the 19-year-old man was stabbed multiple times with the cleaver ...

Witnesses at the scene said the teen was also smashed with a bottle in the attack that left him bleeding badly from the head and a forearm...

"One of the skater guys was screaming: 'Get an ambulance'," Mr McMorrow said.

"We went over there and the skater was lying on the ground and blood was all over his face. His leg was twitching."
3AW police interview here.

It probably started over a bump or a stare. The skaters obviously didn't get Dr Fulde's memo:
"It only takes one guy to look at another guy's girlfriend, or to accidentally bump someone, and there's a fight ...

"For some reason, our society has become more violent and all the rules of engagement that were around 10 years ago, like one-on-one fights and one punch, no longer apply," Dr Fulde said.

"We now have situations where someone is down on the ground and they're still being hit. Then there are packs of men who jump in and kick, stomp and punch the person."
Gee, what reason could that be? What has changed in society? Hmm, can't quite put my finger on it ... so many diverse changes. Maybe Roads Scholar Angry Anderson can enlighten Dr Fulde:
ROCK'N'ROLL bad boy Gary Angry Anderson believes life experience has taught him "Aussies use their fists" when they fight and that "weapons were introduced by other cultures"...

Anderson, 63, was adamant he's not racist and said politically correct bureaucrats were getting in the way of progress when it comes to preventing youth violence.

"The racial thing, the cultural thing needs to be addressed because it's not going to go away," he told a Federal Parliamentary Committee into the impact of violence on youth.

"You never kick a bloke when he's down . . . you don't gang up on a bloke. These things are Australian and we shouldn't shy away from being Australian."

The father of four said he had taught his sons these principles and said "other cultures" had introduced weapons, including the Lebanese, Indochinese and Pacific Islanders.

"We have to acknowledge that they have a different view about how they deal with each other," he said.

"It's not untoward for them to turn up to a fight with a hatchet."
File under: the racial thing, the cultural thing needs to be addressed because it's not going to go away.

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