Grateful Afghan refugee commits ... teen sex assault

Refugee sexually assaulted girl one month after getting visa
Sayed Mohammad Sidaqat, 34, ... boarded an Outer Harbour line train at Ethelton and sat down next to a girl, 16.

He "squashed her" up against the side of the train before caressing her hand and placing it on his erect penis.

Prosecutors said the girl felt "extremely scared and powerless" as Sidaqat kissed her neck, fondled her breasts and tried to touch her pubic region.
SA judge urged to jail refugee
A judge has been urged to jail a former refugee for indecent assault despite his history of being tortured by the Taliban in Afghanistan and his treacherous boat trip to Australia...

The teenager told police she was scared and powerless and had tried to get the attention of other passengers on the train, but no one came to her aid...

In a victim impact statement the 16-year-old girl said she still had nightmares of her attacker's "disgusting, grubby hands touching my body".
The ideology of decapitated empathy commits another sex assault, but the ideology again walks free from the courts, free to assault more teen girls. The ideology of decapitated empathy was last seen in possession of Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. If you see this woman, do not approach as she is dangerously armed with shameful stares and guilt-ridden stories of heart-wrenching sadness to the point of reckless blind open-borders criminal stupidity:

The next time you see this woman, remind her of this molested 16-year-old girl, tilt your head down, stare, and shame her, shame this reckless woman to her senses. She is the enemy of your daughter. Filled with righteous gushing empathy for refugees, but none for her own people.

File under: decapitated empathy... all heart and no head.

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