Italy: 8 cyclists killed by ... ideology?

NY Times, 8 Cyclists Killed in Italy Accident
A speeding car driven by a man whose license had been revoked because of dangerous driving and who had been smoking marijuana plowed head-on into a group of cyclists in southern Italy on Sunday morning, killing eight of them and injuring four others ...

The driver, a Moroccan citizen who was slightly injured, was arrested on multiple manslaughter charges ...

So I'm suggesting that the diversity ideology caused this accident? That foreigners have less knowledge or regard for road safety? That's outrageous! Every ethnicity has reckless drivers, don't they?

They sure do, but still I can't help wondering if we were safer as a homogeneous community with a natural empathy for those around us. Yes, I know it's 'offensive' to suggest that but, since we're not likely to get any official statistics on the ethnicity of road accidents, all we have is the calculator in our heads. Call it a hunch.

*** WARNING: graphic photos ***

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