Medical authorities warn that staring is a health hazard

Kebab stall a violent hot spot
Dr Fulde, whose emergency department is filled with young men every Friday and Saturday night, said crowded places - particularly takeaway stores - were hot spots for violence in the wee hours.

"The mix of testosterone, alcohol, drugs and heat is dangerous," he said.

"The most dangerous place to be after midnight in Sydney is a takeaway store.

"Think about it: you have very few staff serving a queue of people, most of whom have been drinking. It only takes one guy to look at another guy's girlfriend, or to accidentally bump someone, and there's a fight.

"We've seen some terrible fights resulting in horrendous injuries, just because a person was drunk and bumped into someone."
That's right, in the strength-in-diversity land that ideology built, stares and bumps are now dangerous. You heard the expert doctor, so heed the warning.

How on Earth our Australian ancestors ever survived their own "testosterone, alcohol, heat and queues" is beyond me. Must have been a nightly bloodbath with all the staring and bumping going on back then. Or maybe there was a time when stares and bumps were not triggers for the repressed tensions inherent in diversity? A time when there were happy drunks? A time when singing was common amongst drunks instead of animosity? A time when, gee I dunno, we were a homogeneous community instead of a barbaric diversity?

For example, the above article refers to the kebab shop glassing earlier this year ...

Booze, brawls and blood ... what has Sydney come to?
In the attack at the 4 Seasons Chicken Spot, the 25-year-old was slashed in the throat by an unidentified male.

"There was a pretty huge Tongan Samoan bloke and a little fella," a witness who gave her name only as Jamie said.

"The little fella smashed a bottle and he slashed the Tongan across the neck. It cut an artery and the blood was spurting." ...

His attacker, described as in his late 20s to early 30s, Middle Eastern or Islander in appearance with balding or short hair, was still on the run last night.
And blacks stab white kid over 'dirty look' ...

Criminal family 'has put a price on the heads of Ben Kinsella's murderers'
The killers, who all had previous convictions for robbery and drugs offences, stabbed Ben 11 times in five seconds after chasing him down a road near his home in Islington, North London, last year.

They attacked him because believed they had been 'disrespected' in an earlier fight - which Ben was not involved in - that started over a dirty look.
File under: medical authorities warn that staring and bumping is a health hazard, but they won't tell you about the dangers of diversity. Sounds like medical negligence to me.

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