Enlightened liberal Australia is ... all out of options

That's right. After years of struggling against oppression, tyranny and the confines of groupthink, we are finally free! Modern, liberal, progressive, secular, rational, democratic and diverse Australia has finally arrived at the pinnacle of free thought! Yes, we are ... all out of options.

Paul Kelly, Ideologue-at-large, All out of options on boatpeople
THERE is no easy answer to questions on immigration and refugee policy.

THE inevitable furore over the Christmas Island deaths should not obscure the sad truth about boatpeople arrivals in Australia: there are no fresh ideas about how to stop the smugglers and boat traffic.

The Gillard government struggles on two critical areas of people policy, refugees and immigrants. Its border security is shot by external forces that deliver more boatpeople arrivals in dangerous ventures and its effort to ditch "a big Australia" for a "sustainable Australia" looks increasingly dubious.

This week Population Minister Tony Burke formally buried the farcical notion that Australia needs a population target. He reasoned that such targets could never work, a long-known truth of Australian policy we evidently need to relearn each generation.
That's par for the course in the braindead and emotion-neutered land of ideology where you can't value protecting what's left of Australia's homogeneity, national security, personal safety, environment, or carrying capacity. Nope, those values were signed away in some transnational-progressive convention we must have signed up for. Nothing we can do, our hands brains are tied, the boats and immigrants must come.

File under: deaf to emotion, blind to reason, the ideology of non-discrimination is all out of options - the pinnacle of free thought, enlightenment and morality. Here, watch the paralysis of progressivism in action ...

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