Tony Abbott on China is ... an unambiguous lunatic

Tony Abbott, No conflict on shared values
Still, Australians have accepted Japan's apologies and no longer hold the war against them or against the Germans; any more, I hope, than the Japanese now hold the former White Australia policy against us. These were terrible mistakes that did not reflect our nations' true and best selves.
Huh? Japan, who still holds a racist immigration policy, might feel aggrieved by our past racist immigration policy? What utter nonsense. Logic suggests that Japan thinks we are nuts for abandoning the White Australia policy. The "terrible mistake" of the White Australia policy was the only thing standing in the way of John Howard's pro-immigration obliteration of our "Nation's true and best self".
On some forecasts, the Chinese economy is set to overtake that of the US within two decades...

China's economic achievement is an unambiguous good...

It's in everyone's interests that China should continue to prosper and that this prosperity should become more widely distributed among its people and regions...

Continued economic growth in China is important for everyone's prosperity. The worry is that an even more powerful yet still authoritarian China could be a difficult neighbour...

The challenge is not to let the areas of disagreement sour the whole relationship or compromise the wider sphere in which co-operation is in everyone's interests.
Hmm, why is Tony so optimistic in celebrating the rise of ultra-nationalist China, when previously he assisted in the jailing of our former nationalist politician Pauline Hanson - whom he deplored for her racism?

Sixty Minutes: Pauline Hanson
Her first graphic, emotional account of three humiliating months in jail ...

TARA BROWN: Pauline says dirty politics put her in prison. Amongst others, she blames Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott for her downfall.

Why do you think the case was brought against you?

PAULINE HANSON: Tony Abbott said. He said he set up the slush fund. He said we had to stop One Nation.

TARA BROWN: You don't like this man.

PAULINE HANSON: Heaven help this country if Tony Abbott is ever in control of it. I detest the man.

TARA BROWN: So this was all about a political conspiracy?

PAULINE HANSON: A political ploy. It definitely was a witchhunt. You see, it was all designed to financially wreck the party, break my spirit.

TARA BROWN: The DPP said today it acted dispassionately and objectively on the evidence. Are you saying that the court was in fact motivated by politics?

PAULINE HANSON: What I'm saying is, I think there is ... there was an agenda here against me.
So, why the double standards, Mr Abbott? You help imprison an Australian nationalist, who hasn't harmed anyone, yet you support the rise of an ultra-nationalist authoritarian China with a track record in brutality?

Are you already afraid to say 'boo' to China? Are you afraid to acknowledge that enabling the rise of China with our trade was a mistake? Is Chinese ultra-nationalism uniquely benign? Are you punch-drunk from too much boxing? (that's a rhetorical question)

Please explain, Mr Abbott, because you're sounding dumber than Kevin Rudd who at least acknowledged the risk of a growing China.

Latham confronts Abbott about Hanson (starts at 1:30)

File under: Tony Abbott is an unambiguous lunatic.

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