Malcolm Fraser: fatalistic devotion to suicidal economics

Malcolm Fraser, Slavish devotion to the US a foreign policy folly for Australia
In defence of her homeland, China would have the capacity to sustain casualties far beyond that of the US. As a result of such a conflict, the US would be required to withdraw to the western hemisphere. We would be left a defeated ally of a defeated superpower without a friend in our part of the world. There are many who would then regard Australia as a prize...

The decline in American economic power has already begun and cannot be reversed without an economic revolution of which the US is not capable. China's economic rise will continue...

The challenge for Australia is to recognise the reality of this world. To learn to live with a superpower whose overall impact is declining and at the same time to pursue close relationships with a power whose influence will continue to grow...

We don't have to choose between America and China, but America needs to understand that on several issues Australia's national objectives will not coincide with hers.
Fact 1: if the US vacates Asia, there are many who regard Australia as a prize, mainly China. We are so loved in the region that we are "without a friend".

Fact 2: we are strengthening the military of China by trading with it.

Fact 3: free trade is weakening the USA.

Conclusion: free trade is strengthening the arm of those who regard Australia as a prize, and weakening the USA. Ergo, indiscriminate trade is a threat to national security.

Does this make any sense at all, other than in the la la land of ideology where the economics of free trade is a supreme ideal that cannot be questioned?

File under: 3 simple dots which cannot be connected in the pickled and emotion-neutered brain of an ideologue/fatalist/appeaser/progressive/globalist; and the West is in dire need of an "economic revolution".

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