US border patrol agent shot dead by ... ideology

Call on Obama to Take Illegal Immigration 'Seriously' Following Death of Border Agent
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Elect Lamar Smith, R-Texas, said the killing of Brian A. Terry in southern Arizona late Tuesday should serve as wake-up call to President Obama and his administration.

"The Obama administration’s lax enforcement of immigration laws, coupled with calls for mass amnesty, only encourage more illegal immigration," Smith said in a statement released Wednesday. "Our border remains porous and the Obama administration has done nothing to stop the steady flow of human and drug smuggling from Mexico." ...

Since 2005, according to Smith's statement, roughly 28,000 people have been killed along the U.S.-Mexico border, including 1,000 law enforcement officers.

"The murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry is a sad reminder of the real-life dangers that Americans and our law enforcement agents face along the southwest border," Smith's statement continued. "What will it take to make the Obama administration realize that we must do more to secure our border and keep Americans safe? Earlier this year, a rancher in Arizona was killed on his own property. The suspect is believed to have been an illegal immigrant. Last night, Border Patrol Agent Terry lost his life for simply doing his job. How many more Americans will die before the Obama administration wakes up and starts taking illegal immigration seriously?"
Captured Illegal alien in BP agent murder has a U.S. rap sheet
“The Border Patrol said that Manuel Arianes, a.k.a. Manuel Arellanes Osorio, was wounded in the gunfight. Arianes, 34, and a Mexican national, was convicted in Maricopa County Superior Court in 2006 for aggravated assault on a police officer, and had been deported to Mexico twice...

The fact that a twice deported dangerous Mexican criminal alien was able to violate our borders once again and participate in a deadly ambush on U.S. Border agents highlights just how unsecured our southern border really is, especially in the Tucson Sector in Arizona. It is long overdue to deploy American troops to that region to quell the foreign violence that occurs regularly now deep inside our borders,” says Jeff Schwilk leader of the San Diego Minutemen...

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says he is tired of the political correctness response and lack of action from DHS.

“We’ve heard nothing but the border is more secure than ever and unprecedented resources (have been allocated). Enough of this nonsense and political speak, we’ve got to secure the border once and for all,” Babeu said.

Communications between law enforcement leaders in Arizona has been tense in the past and most admit there is no communication with DHS. “She (Napolitano) won’t even speak to me because we have a difference of opinion,” Babeu finished...

"There are people out there that wake up every day with nothing else on their mind but to do harm to the citizens of this country and our way of life".

File under: the body count of the ideology of diversity, soft borders, and amnesty for all ... otherwise known as dumb and dumber and dumberer ... also known as reckless braindead moronic criminal murderous stupidity masquerading as pious progressive virtue.

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