UK: progressive ideology spawns ... radical colonisation

Melanie Phillips, The capture of Tower Hamlets
Now we can see what these cultural kamikazes are helping bring about. In the east London borough of Tower Hamlets, a man with reported links to radical Islamism, Lutfur Rahman, has been elected Mayor of the borough, giving him control of a billion-pound budget and thus the apparent installation of a platform for the progressive intimidation and silencing of British Muslims who do not want to live under sharia law, let alone the non-Muslim majority in the area.

... Andrew Gilligan ... writes on his blog:
For the last eight months – without complaint or challenge from Mr Rahman – this blog and newspaper have laid out his close links with a group of powerful local businessmen and with a Muslim supremacist body, the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) - which believes, in its own words, in transforming the “very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed… from ignorance to Islam.” Mr Rahman has refused to deny these claims.

We have told how the borough’s change from a conventional council leader to a mayoral system came about as a result of a campaign led and financed by these two groups – and how the IFE, in its words, wanted to “get one of our brothers” into the position.

We have described in detail, again without complaint or challenge by Mr Rahman, his deeply problematic two years as council leader until he was removed from that post six months ago, partly as a result of our investigations. After he secured the leadership with the help of the IFE, millions of pounds were channelled to front organisations of the IFE, a man with close links to the IFE was appointed as assistant chief executive of the council despite being unqualified for the position and the secular, white chief executive was forced out. Various efforts were made to “Islamicise” the borough. Extremist literature was stocked in Tower Hamlets’ public libraries.
The outcome is that Britain’s establishment is actively assisting the progressive Balkanisation of Britain, in accordance with the global strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies to take over the west. Astoundingly, the security and political establishment even now still chooses to embrace the Brotherhood, treating them as authoritative Muslim spokesmen and even employing them as counter-extremism advisers, on the ludicrous basis that they are merely religious ideologues who can be used to divide British Muslims and divert them from al Qaeda...

But of course, it is Islamophobic exaggeration and scare-mongering to say so.
DailyMail, Mohammed is now the most popular name for baby boys
Mohammed has become the most popular name for newborn boys in Britain.

It shot up from third the previous year, overtaking Jack, which had topped the list for the past 14 years but was relegated to third spot...

A total of 7,549 newborns were given 12 variations of the Islamic prophet Mohammed’s name last year, such as Muhammad and Mohammad.

The second most popular boy’s name, Oliver, was given to 7,364 babies.

Harry and Alfie came in fourth and fifth place respectively.
Lawrence Auster, More Muhammads than Harrys
What's the big deal? Why should anyone get excited or alarmed about this? The simple fact is that Muslims overwhelmingly name their sons Muhammad. Therefore if you let Muslims mass-immigrate into your country, you will end up with a sub-population that overwhelmingly names their sons Muhammad, and that name will inevitably become the most popular male name in your country. Period. A leads to B leads to C. If you have a problem with having lots of people in your country named Muhammad, then you shouldn't invite Muslims into your country. And if you have already made the suicidal mistake of doing so, you must, If you don't want to complete the suicide, recognize your error and retract and reverse the invitation.

There is really nothing more to say about the subject. All else is escapist b.s. or dhimmi surrender.
It's great here, says the mother of eight living in a £2.6m townhouse paid for by you
A mother of eight has told of her ‘great’ life in a £2.6million home funded by taxpayers.

Francesca Walker receives more than £90,000 a year in benefits to pay the rent on the five-bed villa, plus other payouts...

Miss Walker, 33, has Tory leader David Cameron, actor Hugh Grant and Four Weddings writer Richard Curtis as neighbours in fashionable Notting Hill, West London.

Her four-storey home boasts five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a double living room, study and roof terrace...

None of the available council houses was big enough, so the local authority pays for her to rent from a private landlord.
Andrew Bolt, Visit London and breed. They’ll pay and house you well
... the British Government’s attempts to cut back on a welfare rort that puts welfare recipients with huge families in London houses that most taxpayers could never afford themselves...

The examples are astonishing and explain much about third-world immigration to Britain, welfarism and a growing resentment of those who feel they are being taken advantage of.
The Age, Public-housing stretch lets refugee families spread their wings
A SHY smile is Saido Gali's answer, at first. The question is an obvious one: does she want more children? She has eight and another boy on the way...

Australia's humanitarian resettlement of African refugees - 41,310 live in Melbourne - has thrown up a basic challenge for the state government: how to house the large families ...

... Melbourne's public housing high-rises are made ''a bit like Lego''. If carefully done, walls could be breached and flats joined. This meant a three-bedroom flat could become a six-bedroom home with two bathrooms and two toilets. Across the public high-rises - as the government's eight-year, $640 million renovation has rolled through - dozens of flats have been opened up in this way.

Mrs Gali, who is now raising her children alone... Of her new place, adorned with a 20-seater modular couch that hugs three walls, she says: "It is a nice place. A good place for them to grow up."
Andrew Bolt, Why doesn’t the ABC next run a recruiting drive for al Qaeda?
Now ABC Online uses taxpayers’ money to publish the rantings of a spokesman for an Islamist group which is so radical that it is banned or restricted in several countries and brands our soldiers as ”terrorists”.

Has the ABC lost its mind? It even fails to identify just what Hizb ut Tahrir is and stands for, describing it only in the most flattering terms: as the world’s “largest global Islamic political party”.

File under: dumb and dumber

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