Utter Madness: gov't destroying best farm land in Australia

Save Liverpool Plains
The NSW goverment wants to destroy some of the most productive farming land in Australia by allowing mining companies to drill for coal seam gas there.

The Liverpool Plains have average crop yeilds 40% BETTER than the national average. It's as close to drought proof as you can get in Australia. Some farmers on the plains say that they haven't had a crop failure in three generations. How rare is that in drought ravaged Australia?

By allowing coal seam gas mining on the Liverpool Plains, the government is basically putting a stop to broad acre farming. The gas wells would be a close as 300m apart with roads and other infastructure going to each well.

Coal seam gas mining also produces millions of litres of waste salty water which would be poisonous to any living thing. The ming companies won't say how they will dispose of this water.

The gas would only last a few decades, farming can last forever. It's yet another example of the NSW goverments total incompetance. Another example that a quick buck is king to them, regardless of the damage it will do.


Please write to the NSW premier at:


AND the opposition leader at:


and voice your disapproval.

Public campaigns can work, but the pollies need to hear from YOU!
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  1. This is criminal stupidity. The most productive land in the country is buggered for a quick buck. Outrageous!