Ideology will ... wreck this beautiful little town

ABC Radio, SA furious over asylum seeker plan (mp3 audio)
TONY EASTLEY: The Prime Minister Julia Gillard faces a fight over her plans to establish a new detention facility in the small town of Woodside in the Adelaide Hills.

At a highly charged meeting last night opponents ridiculed and jeered government officials who tried to speak.

The plan is to move about 400 asylum seekers into empty defence houses at nearby Inverbrackie from December.

Reporter Jason Om went along to the meeting for AM.

JASON OM: Outside the Woodside town hall people yelled slogans from passing cars. At a nearby pub beer drinkers were shouting: F-off refugees.

VOX POP 1: This is something that will wreck this beautiful little town...

VOX POP 6: We are not taking this sitting down. We are not taking this at all!

(Sound of a crowd cheering)

VOX POP 9: As much as you say that we have got to accept it, no we don't. We can tell Gillard we don't approve.

VOX POP 10: When did this become a dictatorship? When? Because we are being told. We are not being asked, we are being told.

Detention facility at Inverbrackie
"As more beds won’t stop more boats, the Prime Minister should also explain whether she would expand an Inverbrackie detention centre in the future."
Just a bunch of redneck racists? No, it's a healthy community. Lawrence Auster:
I'm reminded of a Patrick Buchanan column from the late 1980s in which he said about protesters who were rudely jeering and holding mocking signs against a homosexual "pride" parade, "That's the way a healthy society behaves that wants to preserve its existence." I found that inspiring.
One criticism I have of the protesters is the endless list of non-racial reasons for opposing the detention centre. But those reasons don't fully explain the ferocity of their outrage. They should stop being politically correct, and just stand up and defend their desire for homogeneity. Homogeneity is a basic human desire, it's hardwired into us, and we should not shy away from admitting it. Admit it like Jim Russell ...

GOP Abandons Congressional Nominee Over Anti-Integration Essay
A Republican candidate for Congress in New York is facing a fierce backlash from his party after an essay surfaced in which he criticized interracial marriage and socialization.

Party officials have rescinded their endorsement of Jim Russell, who is challenging Democratic Rep. Nita Lowey in New York's District 18, and they are now trying to strip his name from the ballot.

The controversy exploded earlier this week after unearthed an essay Russell wrote from the 2001-02 edition of the Occidental Quarterly...

"While liberals and universalists constantly yammer about 'bringing us all together,' and how 'diversity is our strength,' it may be suggested that the biological function of human language and culture is just the opposite, that is, to keep discrete groups apart," he wrote...

"In the midst of this onslaught against our youth, parents need to be reminded that they have a natural obligation, as essential as providing food and shelter, to instill in their children an acceptance of appropriate ethnic boundaries for socialization and for marriage," he wrote.
Jared Taylor, Subjective Reasons are Sufficient
Racial solidarity is natural for all people. Only constant anti-"racist" propaganda keeps it in check...

There are many routes by which whites awaken to an understanding of race, but they usually start with some kind of direct experience: being thrown in with blacks at school or in the army, watching the neighborhood turn Mexican, traveling to Africa or South America and sensing how profoundly alien the inhabitants are. Only the most cerebral whites will be persuaded by... analysis rather than by the evidence of their senses...

... whites seem to require objective rather than subjective reasons to favor their own race, and a great many whites do act this way. They seem to believe that the desire to see their race survive and flourish is not only an insufficient motive for action but a vicious one...

We do not need objective reasons to favor our own children over the children of strangers...

Midway through the 20th century, whites — and only whites — lost their instinct for survival as a people. If they do not regain that instinct they will see their lands divided up among groups whose instincts are as strong as ever. Territory is held only by people who are willing to hold it, and loss of will is an invitation to invasion.
Meanwhile, nothing short of open borders will satisfy refugee advocates...

Refugee group rallies in Sydney
The Refugee Action Coalition rallied today to oppose mandatory detention, offshore processing and forcible deportation of asylum seekers.

"We want to send a very, very strong message to the Gillard government that policies even with the announcement of children being released into community accommodation - it's nowhere near good enough,'' coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul said.
File under: the wrecking ball of the emotion-neutered and brain-dead ideology of non-discrimination: destroying beautifully homogeneous towns everywhere it goes. The wrecking will only stop when we unapologetically reassert our hardwired desire for homogeneity. Reject inhuman ideology, reassert hardwired homogeneity. Subjective reasons are sufficient.

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