Ideology spawns ... fatal failure to communicate

Anglers urged to share safety tips after fisherman goes missing
Fewer rock fishermen would die if more experienced anglers share their safety tips with others who are less aware about the sport's dangers, an experienced Sydney fisherman says...

... the missing man, a Japanese national ... fished at the spot quite regularly and was a good technical angler but was "not really that experienced" with the conditions.

"Share your knowledge about how to fish safely" ...

"All it takes is a comment from me. To say, 'Look mate, wear your cleats, get some appropriate footwear, don't wear jeans and that sort of clothing, and try and fish at a safer spot.'

"The people that are turning a blind eye to it - they are the ones where the responsibility lies." ...

In June, five members of the Poon and Tin families died after a rock-fishing accident at Catherine Hill Bay.

Another man, Wang Qintao, 29, was swept off the rocks at North Bondi in May while fishing.

In April, a 43-year-old Yagoona rock fisherman died despite being winched out of rough surf by a rescue helicopter at Port Kembla, south of Wollongong.
Another tragic outcome for ideology. Blind Freddy knows that empathy does not so readily cross ethnic boundaries. Yet, ideology recklessly pushes against human nature. This failure of empathy and communication is at the heart of much of our diversity woes, including:

- interracial violence in Australia, USA, Germany, UK, Sweden, Italy, etc.
- Lebanese gang rapes: "You deserve it because you're an Australian" and "I'm going to f*** you Leb style"
- difficulty recruiting frontline diversity jobs such as nursing, police officers and bus drivers
- a fatal lack of road sense by foreigners
- increasing corruption e.g. pink batt rorting
- and you have to wonder what other cross-cultural exchange is not happening

File under: what are the chances of white people empathising with those whom they are being demographically displaced by? Buckley's and none. Sad, but that's the fact, Jack.

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