The benefit of free trade is a ... huge cyber threat

Military faces huge cyber threat
In a rare glimpse at the threat the military faces from cyber espionage, figures from the Defence Signals Directorate show the military has experienced 700 attempts a month this year, up from 200 a month last year...

And while Defence will not specify who is behind the intrusions - given the anonymity of the web it is often impossible - there has been a wealth of evidence to indicate dozens of countries are prying...

Numerous countries have used the web for espionage, and China, Russia and North Korea have become particularly adept.
The brain-dead ideology of indiscriminate trade empowers China and puts us at a comparative military disadvantage, negating any economic benefit from cheap Chinese imports. But, alas, the ideology of free trade cannot be criticised. Why not? Shut up, you fool, it just can't! Alas, trade sanctions against China cannot be considered. Why not? Shut up! Free trade solves everything. It's warm and fuzzy. Just shut up!

All ye who enter ideology, leave thy brains at the door. Greg Rudd is waiting to reassure you that China is not the enemy, they're just different.

If a butterfly flaps its wings inside the empty brain of an ideologue, our military faces a huge cyber threat.

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