Build the mosque ... to end Muslim immigration

Matthew Richer, Build The Dang Mosque!—To End Muslim Immigration
As an immigration patriot, I obviously sympathize with those who oppose the construction of the Cordoba House Mosque near the World Trade Center. Only the most recalcitrant globalist cannot see what an extraordinary insult this is to the victims of September 11th and their families.

Unlike many of those who support the mosque’s construction, I was actually in Manhattan on September 11th. And while I was not close enough to the Twin Towers to be in any danger, I was close enough to see them fall with my own eyes.

It’s hard to describe the collective sense of dread we all felt that day. You just had to be there.

Nevertheless, I am actually relieved that a mosque is being built near the World Trade Center. Let me tell you why:

Lost in the debate over the Cordoba House Mosque is the fact that New York City now has a larger Muslim population than London, Paris or any city in Western Europe. There are over 800,000 Muslims living in New York and over 100 mosques—some estimates are much higher.

There are also an incalculable number of Muslim prayer rooms or “musallas” in the city, located in the backrooms and basements of restaurants, warehouses, and offices buildings. There was even a musalla on the 17th floor of Tower One...

Our response to 9-11 suddenly became about defeating our enemies “over there” in the Middle East.

But our enemies are not over there. They are here—and in greater numbers than ever before because we still allow them to come.

In the meantime, sharia law continues to inch its icecap over New York City. Muslim activists have been lobbying Wall Street to practice sharia-compliant finance. They have been pushing the public schools to recognize their holy days. Whenever a mosque or musalla opens in the city, they try to muscle any liquor stores or bars out of the neighborhood. You get the picture.

The real insult to the victims of 9-11 is not that a mosque is being built near the spot where they died—it is that Muslim immigration continues to flow into the city and country most of them called home.

Moreover, even if opponents of the Cordoba House Mosque successfully prevented it from being built by Ground Zero, it will probably still be built a short distance away. What kind of victory is that?

If we really gave a damn about the victims of 9-11, we would immediately prohibit all Muslim immigration. But that isn’t going to happen unless people begin to demand it.

Given that most of our post-American leaders in New York and beyond support the Cordoba House Mosque, there appears to be nothing that can be done to stop it.

My hope, then, is that the mosque’s construction will help to reignite the instinct of self-preservation that is so essential if the country is to avoid having a Muslim problem on a scale like that of Western Europe.

While the instinct of self-preservation remains sadly dormant among our elites, it still burns within the rest of us. We have seen it in the number of people who already oppose the Cordoba House Mosque. We have all seen it in the thousands of outraged citizens who crashed the Senate switchboard to oppose another amnesty...

The construction of the Cordoba House Mosque will hopefully awaken Americans to the reality that our enemies are not “over there”.

They are already here, and living among us; they are swelling in strength and size, and right now, they appear to be winning.
Well that's a sad admission that our leadership is so lacking that we have to rely on highly visible Islamisation to motivate our own defence. But he has a point.

What should our response to Muslim immigration be? Obviously the high Muslim birthrate amounts to a colonisation force which has to be stopped. As unpalatable as that is, there is no getting around it. So, that first means ending Muslim immigration. And then, secondly, there are various options for halting the spread of the local Muslim population such as: offering incentives for Muslims to voluntarily leave; suppressing their freedoms may encourage some to leave e.g. by banning burkas, mosques, headscarfs, minarets; or separating ourselves from the local Muslims by some form of internal separation or secession.

So, the solution has to be demographic. And until we have political representation that acknowledges the need for a demographic solution, I agree with Matthew Richer: we should build the mosque. Likewise, we should not ban the burka. We should not help Islam to blend in. We should let it remain highly visible. Only once there is a collective will to act against the demographics should we consider banning mosques. Prematurely banning mosques and burkas only leads to a false sense of security, while the demographics continue to spread. And, as we see in Turkey, Kemalist suppression of Islam is eventually defeated by demographics. Demography is destiny.

File under: a demographic problem needs a demographic solution.

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