Greg Rudd: stupid ideologues run in the family

Greg Rudd is the managing director of investment company GPR Asia and brother of Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd.

Greg Rudd, Chinese way is here to stay, so get used to it
... global currents are changing. Global growth is coming from developing, not developed, countries. How do we pilot these new waters? We're not prepared.

... China cares only about China... It's not nasty. It's just Chinese. We have to understand it. China is coming, and we need them...

I was in Germany recently... "We Germans are blunt. The Chinese insist on exaggerated politeness. They hide behind platitudes. You never know what they're thinking." Exactly.

...They don't even trust each other, let alone foreigners. I am constantly warned by Chinese not to trust Chinese.

China is not the enemy. To some that will sound like appeasement. China is simply different. Treat them the way Chinese treat each other: with suspicion. They are the best at dealing with themselves. Learn from them.

Australia needs a stable China...

We need to support China but not suck up to China. Chinese don't respect weakness. They are always gaming; each other and the world...

Somehow we all have to make it work. Together.
How do we pilot these new waters? Greg Rudd is delusional. Everything he says is fatalistic commentary. He is a passenger, not a pilot. "China is rising, we need China, resistance is futile, let's pretend we're in control when really we are financing the rise of a military monster". A suicidal gamble wrapped in the ideology of free trade.

We don't need China, and we are insane to keep supporting their military rise with our trade - thinking they will be a benign power. What we need is fatalistic commentators like Greg Rudd to stop window dressing the suicidal ideology of indiscriminate trade.

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  1. The brothers Krudd are two peas in a brainless pod. As are all the lunatics who think China will rise peacefully.