Foxtel launches Bonobo MTV

Actually they don't need to ...

Steve Kryger, Who needs porn when you’ve got MTV

This is the content of the MTV video clips that are playing on the television screens when I visit my local gym each week. It’s nothing short of soft-core pornography, and I’m over it.

I started watching video clips when I was in high school (15 years ago), and I’ve noticed a dramatic transformation in the content of clips over that time. Take our own Kylie for example. The clip for “Locomotion” is almost quaint when we watch it now ...

As time progressed, Kylie got sexier ... But her latest clip - “All the lovers” takes things to a whole new level ... they’re all in one big human mountain, rubbing up against her, rubbing up against each other...

We’re not in Locomotion-land anymore... most of the video clips produced today have skipped innocent, and jumped straight to explicit.

Nikki Webster couldn’t hold out long before taking her clothes off. Miley Cyrus has recently taken the plunge...

Sex has been so shamelessly and thoroughly grafted into video clips, that it’s hard to find a clip without highly sexualized imagery.

Considering the phenomenal transformation over the last decade, is it that far-fetched to suggest that if we wait another 10 years, hardcore pornography will have infiltrated the mainstream video clip culture?

“It’s just video clips”, I hear you say. But for me, this is just the straw that’s broken the weary camel’s back.

I’m sick of turning to the left and to the right and at every turn to be confronted with the same depiction of women ...

No, it's not far-fetched to suggest that hardcore porn will go mainstream in the future. And sex in public would also follow the normalising of such imagery.

What's needed is for sexualised images to be put back into the private sphere. If people want it, they can opt in. Bonobo MTV should be an opt-in Foxtel channel, not a standard.

If a gym really wants to show Bonobo MTV they should be required to inform their customers they are entering a porno gym.

Sexualised billboards ought to be banned. And sexualised advertisements in print ought to have a warning label on the cover.

And the sexualised fashions have gone too far: the leggings fad, shrinking speedos and bikinis. Ditto for cheerleader routines which have morphed into a booty dance.

It's all good fun in private, but I'm sick of copping an eyeful everywhere I go. Arousal overload is annoying, distracting and tiring. It's sensory assault. We should have a right to a relaxed and comfortable subconscious. There's just so much schwing a guy can take.

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  1. It's not only on MTV... I saw a country music video clip where the guys were dressed in bling and surrounded by gyrating girls. Seems Country-Rock-Porn is a new genre. Enough to make your stomach turn.