In ideology ... you're silent and you're dead

Wilders speaks in Berlin
The occasion was a speech by Geert Wilders to a group of about five hundred people, sponsored by René Stadtkewitz and his new political party, Die Freiheit.

As you can see from the photo above, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was one of those present. She says she was able to discuss the hate-speech charge against her with Mr. Wilders, and the two of them compared notes on their respective cases.

Although the two cases differ considerably in scale, they are similar in other respects: each defendant being is prossecuted for purely political reasons, at the whim of the state and its prosecutorial apparatus. Each is being targeted for speaking out against the Islamization of their countries. Their prosecutions are an attempt to appease the Islamic lobby and satisfy the requirements of Orthodox Multiculturalism.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff at the Freedom Defense Initiative
I have to go to the European Union and tell you that there is a strong threat to the freedom of expression in Europe, with the help of the European Union.

Freedom of expression died on 9/11 2007, when a peaceful demonstration was forbidden by the mayor there.

Now my focus in all that I’m doing is freedom of expression, because if you can’t speak, you're silent and you’re dead.

And, you know, freedom of expression, who decides what to say? I decided, it’s my standards. I was brought up and raised to speak in a friendly manner. So I decide what is right or what is wrong, not somebody else. I determine that.

The problem with the EU declaration of human rights, is that is sounds beautiful. With the new Treaty of Lisbon we have this declaration of human rights. But the last article is a problem because it says, the declaration says: the rights of expression and association are to be balanced, against the values and interests of the community, in achieving and maintaining harmony. The community decides.

But who determines this balance? It’s those who are in control of the establishment. The politicians, and the proponents and apostles of multiculturalism.

We also have the frame work, the EU framework, and the resolution for combating racism and xenophobia, and I won’t quote that because we are out of time, but it suffices to say, that criticism of religion is racism.

OK? Racism is no longer racism the way we know it.

But my daughter is growing up with a definition of racism, that Islam may not be criticized because that is racist...

And I will conclude by quoting Ralph Giordano, a German Jewish writer who says:

"So in the future I will dare to say what I think and what makes me uneasy... immigration is not the problem, the mosque is not the problem, Islam is the problem."
In the brain-dead and emotionally-neutered ideology of non-discrimination and never-giving-offence ... you can’t speak, you're silent and you’re dead. (except when speaking of whites, Christians and Jews... in which case you're free to demonise them)

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