UK: Muslim community leader... lies

Muslim community leader 'made up story he was kidnapped by BNP'
A Muslim community leader, Noor Ramjanally, who claimed he was kidnapped by members of the British National Party was caught out lying by covert surveillance cameras designed to protect him...

... he was caught out lying after detectives viewed CTTV footage from secret cameras installed to protect him after his previous claims that he was being targeted by racist opponents, prosecutors said.

The court heard that at the time of his alleged abduction he was actually “wandering around Homebase"...

... after trawling the CCTV footage, police discovered Ramjanally had walked to the spot on the edge of the forest, where he claimed he was taken by the BNP, where he was seen dialling 999.
Relax, he's just one bad apple and not representative of Islam which is, of course, a beacon of honesty and truth.

File under: the ideology of after-the-fact individualism where actions always happen in a vacuum and are never representative of any race, religion or culture - so don't even think about making predictive judgements about groups, you bigots.

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