Gay adoption = gay leadership = abort!

Split over gay adoption widens
THE most significant conscience vote in [NSW] State Parliament in decades - whether to allow gay couples to adopt - is dividing major parties ...

Christian Democrat Fred Nile warned abortions would increase if gay couples were allowed to adopt...

"Any mother putting up her baby for adoption would never imagine that their baby would be brought up by two male homosexuals or two female lesbians," Mr Nile said.
I'm not religious, but Fred is right. Gay adoption promotes gays to leadership roles, which means their children will mimic their behaviour. If such a kid grows up to be gay, how do we know if they really are biologically gay (if such a thing really exists) or just mimicking gay culture? We are culturally homogeneous beings, and kids deserve the right to be part of mainstream culture, not alienated with effeminate mannerisms from the outset, and not confused about their identity. So gays can do what they like in private, but roles of leadership should encourage a homogeneous culture rather than divergence.

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