60 Minutes: ideology points Chinese guns at ... us!

60 Minutes video story Firepower about the monster we are financing with our brain-dead trade policies.

PROFESSOR HUGH WHITE: As Asia changes, all kinds of bets are off. China has increased very sharply its capacity to sink American ships. And, if we see the US and China going head to head in Asia, then the fact that China's got a lot more power than it used to have could make a real difference to Australia and we could find ourselves being drawn in.

MICHAEL USHER: Former government defence advisor Professor Hugh White points out that while the world's focus has been on terrorism, China has been quietly building its maritime might.

PROFESSOR HUGH WHITE: It's been very common for Americans to say that the biggest threat to America's place in the world is posed by a bloke in a cave. Whereas I would say that the biggest challenge to America's place in the world has been posed by the fact that the world's most populous country has been growing at 7,8,9% per annum year after year after year, and a country that is not content to accept American leadership indefinitely.
File under: and not one mention of the brain-dead and emotionally-neutered ideology of non-discriminatory trade that builds China's war machine with our money and minerals.

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