Say no to crap equivalence

Paul Colgan, Say no to crap beards
There are varying viewpoints on Sergio Redegalli’s “Say no to burqas” mural, but only one way to look at his facial hair.

It’s unAustralian. There should be a law against this. Could the council make him get rid of it?
Humourous equivalence: comfort for brain-dead and emotionally-neutered ideologues who cannot discriminate between absurdly disparate objects to save their own life for fear of giving offence and committing the greatest sin of harboring an intolerant identity. (Unless they are speaking of white people, who they can distinguish and demonise with breathtaking speed).

Geert Wilders, Speech in the Dutch parliament
Madam Chairman, this government, this elite does not have even the slightest will to oppose Islamization. No, it looks to it as a great enrichment of the Dutch landscape. All those snug mosques, those cute headscarves, those cozy burkas. Yes, the Netherlands really becomes more beautiful with that. Here and there from time to time some are left dead, or some are raped, and eventually our country will go bankrupt. But all that may not spoil the fun. Only a grumbler would pay attention to that. Just have patience for a little while, because we await the Islamic Utopia.

Madam Chairman, a better environment begins with yourself. Many Dutch are irritated by the pollution of public space by Islam. In other words, our streets in some places are increasingly looking like Mecca and Tehran. Scarves, hate-beards, burkas, men in long weird white frocks. Let us do something about that. Let us start to reconquer our streets, and ensure that the Netherlands will look like the Netherlands again. Those headscarves are a true sign of oppression of women, of subjugation, of conquest. It is a symbol of an ideology that is out there to colonize us. Therefore: it is time for a big spring-cleaning of our streets. If our new Dutch citizens want so badly to show their love for that seventh-century desert ideology, then they should rather comfortably do that in a Muslim country, but not here, not in our country.

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  1. I wish this man would have an Australian equivalent before this country finally loses its fast-diminishing identity just as his Netherlands has disappeared, to the sorrow of the indigenous Dutch.
    When visiting the Netherlands as tourists interested in Dutch culture and history, we wondered if someone had actually lifted up huge pieces of Africa (including Muslim dress, religious beliefs and customs) and dropped them down all over Holland and in some places, right on top of everything that was historically Dutch.
    No wonder there's so much division in their previously safe society. To their utter dismay, the Dutch social experiment has seriously failed with irreversible ramifications. And it's not working well anywhere else in the world either.