Dorothea Mackellar's home ... a Japanese coal mine

Helen Wellings on Today Tonight, Foreign Buyouts
It's the great disappearing act. Our skills, machinery, companies, products, homes and significant parts of our land are being sold off at a rapid rate...

And the latest shock? The historical Gunnedah property, Kurrumbede, Dorothea Mackellar's homestead, which inspired her to write our most famous Australian poem, My Country, has just been sold to a Japanese company for $14 million. That's right, 2600 hectares of our precious heritage is about to be turned into a coalmine.

I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons, I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror- the wide brown land for me! ...

Core of my heart, my country! Her pitiless blue sky,
When, sick at heart, around us we see the cattle die -
But then the grey clouds gather, and we can bless again
The drumming of an army, the steady soaking rain.

File under: the pitiless hue that brain-dead and emotionally-neutered ideologues have unleashed on our country by allowing foreign ownership to rape and plunder our land.


  1. Bloody hell. This madness has to stop.

  2. And so the Prime Minister Gillard ignores this issue and not only is our beautiful land being sold out, she has presided over an open border policy that helps facilitate the displacement of Australian culture and values.
    What next? Does the Labor government replace the MCG, the SCG, the Gabba, the WACA with thousands of asylum seeker apartments?
    Core of my heart my country now marching to the drum of foreign take-overs and illegal occupiers.