Woolcott: Ambassador for Australian extinction

Ambassador for the Australian mentality by Matt Smith.
Ambassador Richard Woolcott (Kevin Rudd’s special envoy to develop the Asia Pacific community) says:
In some extent because of the old White Australia Policy Australia’s on sort of a good behaviour bond in the region, and it’s very important that perceptions of racism and religious intolerance and don’t build up. Most Australians are great believers in a fair go and equality of opportunity. It would be a pity if these perceptions of Australia were tarnished by what is a small minority.
And precisely how many more Asian immigrants do we need before the highly monoracial region will accept us? The only answer we ever get is: more. But KRudd gave the game away:
The European Union of course does not represent an identikit model of what we would seek to develop in the Asia Pacific. But ... It is that spirit we need to capture in our hemisphere.
Ah yes, the spirit of open borders. The spirit of erasing national identity. The spirit of non-existence. Poof! We are no more. Woolcott is the ambassador for Australian extinction, and Matt Smith is another dangerous man without identity.

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