Proposed outpost of ideology ... unwelcome

Islamic centre plan irks residents
BILL Park is prepared to go to his grave fighting the development of an Islamic Worship Centre near his home.

He is not alone -- the Worongary resident has the whole suburb behind him...

"This area will suffer severely, he said.

"I've been there for five years and would like to stay another 10. This was our ticket to getting our kids set up."

Mr Park moved to the quiet neighbourhood from Sydney after his son was injured in the Cronulla riots.

"That was a turning point for us and now we'll have a mosque beside our home. I will go to my grave fighting this."
File under: the fight-or-flight response of local values when confronted with an outpost of the brain-dead and emotionally-neutered ideology of non-discrimination which transforms our comfortably homogeneous neighbourhoods into alien and hostile territory.

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