"Keep away" from the black ghosts of Lakemba

It's un-Australian ... rally condemns push to ban burqa
"Despite the intense negative propaganda against Islam and in particular the lies about its treatment of women, the number of Western women embracing Islam continues to rise at a rapid rate," said Fautmeh Ardati, a member of the Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir. "By turning their backs on this flawed way of life, it is testament of the superiority of Islamic values over Western values." ...

Sheikh Shady al-Suleiman said Muslims loved Australia but rejected interference in the practice of their religion. "Keep away from our affairs," he said.
Muslim women protest against push to ban burka‎
Women swathed in veils and wielding placards declaring "my burka - conviction not coercion" and "leave my mum alone - we love nikab" gathered yesterday in a park in Punchbowl, southwestern Sydney...

Sheik Shady told the gathering of about 500 men, women and children: "We are Australians who live in this country and love and care about this country like everyone else, and we also have the right to voice our opinions, and today we voice our opinion loud and proud that we do not accept or tolerate any interference in our religion or beliefs.

"And we say to everyone - the government, politicians, the media - stop interfering in the affairs of the Muslims."
Follow the links to see pictures of the rally. And here they are taking over the streets of Lakemba, overseen by the black ghost advocate Premier Kristina Keneally ...

File under: the alien and hostile fruits of the brain-dead and emotionally-neutered ideology of non-discrimination and tolerance.


  1. Australian culture dictates that it's bad manners to hide our eyes behind sunglasses when greeting and conversing with someone. In our culture facial expression is an indicator of mood and intent.

    Multi-culturalism dictates that hiding one's face is a right whether or not it offends anyone.

    Muslim laws, attitudes, social demands and dress code are inconsistent with Australian culture, and highly offensive to myself.

    Australians will be just like every other country where Islam proliferates if we don't resist at every level of our society. We will all wake up one day to find ourselves a minority culture, just as occurred in Holland and elsewhere.

    We should be teaching our children to be proud of Australian culture, to maintain and develop our customs and beliefs.

  2. Well said. I like the way you use both emotional and rational justification against Islamification. Most conservatives unfortunately limit themselves only to a rational defence, citing terrorism and crime as reasons against Islamification. But emotional reasons such as a burka being visually "offensive", as you say, resonates with the public just as much as fear of terrorism.