Progressive ideology spawns ... Darwinian segregation

Segregation in the school system
The NSW school system is now clearly segregated. This is to the detriment of all students who are no longer mixing with children from a broad range of abilities and backgrounds.

White students have fled to Catholic schools in small country towns, leaving local public schools almost totally dominated by Aboriginal students. Middle-eastern kids fill some south-Western Sydney schools and Tongan students are over-represented in others. Middle-class white children congregate in homogenous private schools on Sydney’s northern and eastern suburbs. An increasing number of children are enrolling in Islamic and Exclusive Brethren schools. Greek Orthodox and Jewish schools are also enrolling their own.

Children from China, Korea and Vietnam are over-represented in selective schools...

What are the social consequences of growing segregation in the school system?

A Darwinian approach now seems to prevail in school education.
Ethnic lines divide city
MIGRANTS settling in suburbs with good schools and other amenities may cause tensions with the established community, a leading demographer warns.

Monash University sociologist Dr Bob Birrell said existing residents were likely to be concerned about their way of life being changed when suburbs became dominated by distinct ethnic groups.

"There's competition for amenity; for example, access to a high performance high school like Glen Waverley Secondary College in the City of Monash," he said.

Migrants from top source countries China, India and Sri Lanka are drawn to suburbs such as Glen Waverley, an analysis of settler trends has confirmed.
File under: the fruits of brain-dead Australian ideologues who believe that the problems of segregation occurring overseas won't happen here because (like any good ideologue) all they need is one more chance to make their utopian diversity dream come true, despite having failed to eventuate everywhere else.

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