Trump: 'China Will Destroy Our Country' - Pt 1

Donald Trump 'On the Record,' Part 1
VAN SUSTEREN: ... the economy, the unemployment rate not getting better. If you were advising the president, what would you tell him to do? TRUMP: Obviously the word is "jobs." How do you get jobs? I hear so many people talking so many different things. The problem is our jobs have left this country. We are making our products in China and in other places. And what the politicians have done to this country, they should be ashamed of themselves. The other day I was watching "60 Minutes" I see a place, Newton, Iowa, beautiful place, beautiful people they lost Maytag. The jobs went to Mexico, most of the jobs to Mexico. I'm saying to myself, isn't that a shame. Here you have this beautiful community with these incredible people and the jobs went to Mexico. So the problem with this country is between China and other places, we just don't make product any more. We do health care here, but that's not the kind of product I'm talking about. I'm talking about where you really make product. If I build a building many of the materials and things I get are made in China. It is very, very sad... We are rebuilding China. Our economy is just getting killed. And you look at China it is going through the roof. A friend of mine went to a pretty much new city in China. They said unbelievable the airport and everything else. They come back to LaGuardia. They said it is like coming into a third world country. It is horrible what has happened. ... You are not going to solve unemployment unless something very, very stringent is done with regard to China and other countries... I would tax Chinese products. People say that's not free trade. What is free trade when they have billions and billions of dollars of surplus over us? So we don't want free trade with people that are ripping us. ... first of all their product isn't as good as ours... But they manipulated their currency so it is hard to compete with Chinese dollars, cost... What I would do is I would tax like 25 percent tax... People are going to start creating jobs in this country because they are not going to pay that tax. People tell me, Donald, that's not free trade. We don't have free trade right now. We have a country, China in particular, that is ripping us like nobody's ripped us before. And we are rebuilding China. Our country is so big in terms of what we buy that we are rebuilding China. And in 10 years to 12 years China will have a bigger economy than us which was unthinkable five years ago.
Donald Trump 'On the Record,' Part 2
VAN SUSTEREN: We are totally in the wrong direction ...? TRUMP: It's amazing. I listen to your show and other shows. I listen to certain politicians, who I know. I know most all of them. They are so different when they are talking to me and when I see them on television. And they don't bring up the world. They are not bringing up the world. They are saying yes, we've got to create more jobs. They never say how. We've got to create more jobs. Oh, yes, they are all moving to Mexico, China. They don't say we got to stop that... Why aren't we making toys in Alabama and in North Carolina? ... The fact is we should be making these things, which, by the way, are also in many cases unsafe with the lead poisoning and the paint poisoning because the standards are different -- why aren't we making toys in this country for our children? ... And perhaps we have to say, guess what folks, you can buy toys from China, you are going to pay a 25 percent tax. And all of a sudden you are going to have things being made in this country. Nobody ever mentions it. ... I had people that I know in China, because I do a lot of business with the Chinese ... They cannot believe what they are getting an way with. They tell me at dinner, "Donald, we cannot believe that we're able to get away with this." They tell me that privately... they can't believe how stupid our representatives are, let me put it nicely. They can't believe that our representatives let them get away with what they are doing. And, I will tell you, we are rebuilding China. I don't get it. I really don't get it, unless they are just not smart. Whenever I go -- when I do a show like yours and bring up this, I get hundreds of letters saying "Thank you, Mr. Trump." And I don't see the politicians pick it up. It's hard to believe. ... I just can't believe how people can be so stupid. VAN SUSTEREN: ... does that give you the itch to run for president? TRUMP: ... I will say for the first time I am actually thinking about it. Somebody has to do something. And I don't hear people saying why do we not have jobs? Because we are making our product in China. Why don't they say that? It's like Newton, Iowa -- why don't they have jobs? Because Maytag moved to Mexico because our geniuses gave them incentives to leave this country and go to Mexico. Are we running Mexico or this country? This country has to be rebuilt. This country is in serious trouble. This country is no longer respected like it was. We love our country. We are proud of our country, but our country is not the force it used to be. It's no longer respected like it used to be. And in fact, just the opposite. People laugh at us. They laugh at the stupidity of the people running this country.
Donald Trump Welcomes 'Trade War' With China
STUART VARNEY: November 9, 1989, the world witnessing an American president talking up capitalism, as a wall came down. Twenty-one years later, did the world just witness the reverse? ... President Obama telling the world today, we want China to succeed and prosper, and we are not interested in containing that process... DONALD TRUMP: Well, I think it is absolutely terrible, Stuart. It's just unbelievable, unthinkable. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan making that statement? Can you imagine almost any president making that statement? China is succeeding. They are rebuilding their country off our money... they're building new cities that are bigger than any of our cities. It's absolutely insane to have made that statement... We are now destroying the dollar in order to try and compete with them. We shouldn't be doing that. We should be keeping the dollar strong and stable and we should tax Chinese products. And the people that talk about free trade, we don't have free -- I am a big free trade believer, by the way -- but we don't have free trade with China. China is, literally, going to destroy this ... country. If we don't get smart quickly, China will destroy our country. And they will do it with a smile. And our people have no idea what is happening. ... we are losing hundreds of billions of dollars to China. We are rebuilding China. And in 10 to 12 years, China is going to make us look like small- timers. And it's off our back... I would love to have a trade war with China. Because, if we did no business with China, frankly, we will save a lot of money. We're losing a fortune to China...
And Obama said worse... NY Times, Traveling in Asia, Obama's Glow Dims (strangely the original NY Times article no longer links)
Mr. Obama lamented the "search for drama" and disagreement at international summit meetings. If there is a reason for the discord, he said, it is because emerging powers are no longer satisfied with letting the United States take the lead. "We are a very large, very wealthy, very powerful country," Mr. Obama said. "We have had outsized influence over world affairs for a century now. And you are now seeing a situation in which a whole host of other countries are doing very well and coming into their own, and naturally they are going to be more assertive in terms of their interests and ideas. And that's a healthy thing."
Washington Times, Obama's international strikeout
Margaret Thatcher once said that being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't... The president again casually confirmed his belief in the decline of America's "outsized" influence in world affairs, noting, "We are now seeing a situation where a whole host of other countries are doing well and coming into their own and naturally they're going to be more assertive." The president thinks this greater assertiveness is "a healthy thing" but did not elaborate for whom it was healthy - certainly not the United States. For some inexplicable reason, Mr. Obama welcomes the decline of America's role on the international stage. It is his most notable accomplishment.
Lawrence Auster, Obama reduced to zero--by his own ideology
The lesson is that liberal U.S. presidents never learn their lesson. As liberals, they believe that America has too much influence and power, and that this has created resentment toward us on the part of other nations, and that therefore progress in international relations requires that America's influence and power be reduced. But as U.S. presidents, they seek to influence world events, and if America's influence and power has been lessened--if, indeed, the liberal U.S. presidents themselves insist on America's lessened influence, how can they, uh, have any influence? It's a contradiction that liberals can never resolve. Liberalism posits equality as the most important of all values. But equality is incompatible with power, because power by its very nature is unequal, and requires inequality.

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