Australian cricket 'playing away' at ... the MCG

MCG running on empty as away fans rule
... the loudest cheer in the early stages of the Australian innings came when Victoria captain Cameron White was bowled for a golden duck.

The unique circumstances of the match against Sri Lanka meant White and his teammates were effectively the away side ...

Cricket authorities were quietly muttering their thanks that Melbourne's Sri Lankan community love their cricket so much.

Sri Lankan fans dominated -- maybe by as much as 80 per cent -- the poor crowd of about 10,000 watching the match.

Colourful and noisy, the Sri Lankans even had a small brass band to help create a carnival atmosphere on a cool, bleak spring afternoon yesterday.
The article then lists the alleged reasons why Australian fans didn't turn up. Alas, it didn't list the one reason I rarely go nowadays: because I don't like watching 'away' games in my own country. If I want to hear people speaking in tongues, I can catch a train and get an earful, so why would I pay money to get that with added screams and drums? Bugger that for a joke.

Here's how a couple of news sources titled their articles (but have since retitled them... probably because reality is too confronting) ...

I guess we can at least be thankful they aren't booing our national anthem, yet.

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