Armed robbery in Fairfield is ... a barrel of laughs

Fairfield City Champion, Man leaves without dough after failed bakery robbery
A MAN left without dough after his attempt to rob a Fairfield bakery went sour...

The man used a wooden pole to threaten two bakers working ...

Police described the man as having dark, short and curly hair.

At least he has been eating his bread crusts.
Well, I guess when your town is the shooting capital of Sydney, a robbery is a bit of chuckle?

Alas, the poll next to the article says otherwise (click on the photo to enlarge it).

No prizes for guessing the demographic makeup of Fairfield...

Fairfield City Council, Fairfield City ­- a City of Tradition and Culture
Fairfield City's residents are among the most diverse and culturally unique in Australia, resulting in a rich and special ambience best reflected in the City motto, Celebrating Diversity.

From the many places of worship such as temples, churches and mosques to the City's Aboriginal heritage and vibrant commercial centres, a visit to Fairfield City has something for everyone.
Hey, you forgot to mention comedians posing as journalists!

File under: humourous fatalism - the coping mechanism of choice in the lawless towns that ideology built.

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