Trump: 'China Will Destroy Our Country' - Pt 2

GMA, Trump Eyes White House
I'm looking at this country... and what's happened in terms of respect. I have many people from China that I do business with, they laugh at us, they feel we're fools.

You know they're getting away with absolute murder, they're making the products that we used to make in this country, they're making them in China. We're rebuilding China...

I'd tax China, they manipulate the currency, by manipulating the currency it's very hard to compete with China...

If we tax China we'd pay off that debt very quickly...

It's us, we have the cards because we're the ones who are spending all this money in China … I've had bankers over the years, I don't think they have the cards.

When people tell me from other countries that they no longer respect our country, now whether you like Ronald Reagan ..., there was a level of respect for this country that we had.

We cannot let the rest of the world beat us up. I mean we're like a whipping post right now.

"Look, I know lots of folks in China. They think we are the dumbest son-of-a-bitches in the world, alright. They think our representatives don’t know what they’re doing. They laugh at us behind our back... If we tax China fairly substantially... you would have so much money in this country you wouldn't have the big deficits like you do..."

File under: "what the politicians have done to this country, they should be ashamed of themselves".

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