Big Kev ditches ... effective taxonomies of the 20th century

Kevin Rudd, The Future of the Australian Foreign Service
The very nature of globalisation means that there is no longer a clear and clean delineation between the foreign and the domestic, the national and the international, the internal and the external.

These were effective taxonomies for the 20th century.

That is no longer the case for the 21st century

We find ourselves operating in an increasingly seamless policy space which no longer respects an artificial divide.

The international relations theorists have been on to this for two decades.

Institutionally, foreign ministries around the world are struggling to catch up.

This is hard. It’s not easy.

It challenges so many of the traditional bureaucratic silos both within and between departments that we have inherited from the past...

Institutionally, we are creatively responding to this.

We will need increasingly to do so across the traditional policy domains.

Properly “joined-up” policy is now more imperative than ever, placing an absolute premium on synthesised advice, integrated advice, and coordinated advice.

I am confident that this institution will continue to rise to that challenge...

And always in pursuit of the enduring national interests of this Commonwealth.
Big Kev lurches back into character as if nothing has changed.

"Joined-up" in an open-borders Asia-Pacific Union like the demented EU? I'd rather eat my shoe. Note the brainwasher-in-chief's relentless regional-identity language: synthesised, integrated, and coordinated. Just don't notice the contradictory last line: that's to pacify us nationalists who naturally fall asleep at the sound of Kev's voice, only to awaken at the end.

File under taxonomy: dangerously vacuous man without identity who should be kept away from pens, treaties, and gullible children.

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