Progressive ideology spawns ... the Christmas tree bomber

Lawrence Auster, Muslim tries to set off car bomb at Christmas tree lighting
Yet another unsuccessful terrorist attempt by a Muslim in the U.S., this one a naturalized U.S. citizen from Somalia. In fact, there was no risk of the attack being carried out, as he was being shadowed by FBI undercover agents the whole way and the bomb he attempted to explode was inert. Think of the months and years of effort, the hundreds of thousands of man hours, that our law enforcement agencies invest in tracking, arresting, and trying each individual terrorist, instead of just throwing them out of the country. It's mad.
Lawrence Auster, What non-discrimination hath wrought
Question: what is this total alien doing in the United States? Answer: he's here solely as a result of the liberal principle that all Americans now embrace or accede to, and that none questions: that America should not discriminate against anyone when admitting immigrants into this country, but treat all nationalities, religions, cultures, and races the same.
File under: it's mad.

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