Luke Mitchell murder suspects arrested in ... Thailand

Police arrest men suspected of killing Luke Mitchell
TWO men arrested in Thailand over the killing of good Samaritan Luke Mitchell should be extradited as soon as possible, Premier Ted Baillieu says.

The fugitives - and a third suspect who police are still hunting - fled within hours of the fatal attack on the 29-year-old who was stabbed and left for dead after coming to the aid of a stranger in Brunswick in May 2009...

"The death of Luke Mitchell was symbolic, very symbolic, of what had become an increasingly violent culture in Melbourne - and knife crime and stabbings as a part of that."
Tears for good Samaritan Luke Mitchell, stabbed to death in Brunswick
Shane Mitchell ... said ... "It's just a real sad state of affairs at the moment," ...

"It's just getting out of control."

The 29-year-old was repeatedly stabbed and kicked as he lay helpless, minutes after breaking up a fight.

The vicious murder has outraged Victorians and renewed calls for Melbourne's street violence to be stamped out.
Rally demands action on violence
THE families of murder and assault victims rallied on the steps of State Parliament yesterday, demanding political action to curb street violence.

Shane Mitchell ... told the crowd the legal system had failed all Victorians.

''The more I speak to the community, the more I see the discontent swelling with the lack of action and the lack of spine shown by our political leaders,'' he said.
It's less a failure of the legal system than it is a failure of the immigration system.

But there are thugs in all societies aren't there? Sure, but empathy fails more readily and more viciously in diverse encounters.

File under: yet another victim of the 'progressive' diversity ideology, which none of the progressive bleeding heart ideologues want to know about because they're too busy screaming for open borders and justice for refugees.

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