Jonathan Meddings is in fact ... a free thinker

I was wrong, Jonathan is not a victim of groupthink. It's just a misunderstanding:
In retrospect the word "adherents" was not the best choice. In fact, I should have said, "Muslims are those who identify with the religion of Islam, whereas Islamists are followers not only of the religion, but also of political Islam". This statement accurately reflects my view - that I have previously stated - that there is no such thing as religious moderates, only moderates who wrongly consider themselves religious. Such a statement is especially true of moderate Muslims, who fly directly in the face of everything Islam truly stands for to anyone who objectively analyses it...

I happen to agree that Islamists are the ones being true to what Islam really is and that Islam is not a religion of peace
OK, that's clearer. Here's a couple more suggestions:

- don't use the word religion to mean only the spiritual component, because the religion of Islam includes the whole thing i.e. politics, Sharia law, and violent jihad.

- I wouldn't bother with the word Islamist because too many people use it to mean those who are "perverting peaceful Islam". I'd use Islamic fundamentalist.

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  1. Well I am not sure how you add hyperlinks in these comments, but thank you for the retraction and here is a response to your suggestions: