Facebook Campaign: Don't Sell Australia Short

Leon Byner from Adelaide's radio FiveAA has launched a "Dont Sell Australia Short" Facebook campaign.

Listen to his interviews here:
Launching his campaign with Dick Smith and Senator Bill Heffernan

Senator Nick Xenophon talks to Leon Byner about foreign investment in Australian Agricultural Land. Xenophon has introduced a bill before parliament on foreign investment recommending a move to the New Zealand model where anything over 5 hectares needs government approval. Currently foreign interests can purchase property to the value of $231 million dollars without informing the Australian government.
Celebrities join the campaign. Sound bites here:
Bryce Courtenay - "our kids are going to be there in a third world country because we own bugger all".

Dick Smith - "Once the Chinese buy our prime producing land, people think they have to sell that food to us. They don't. They can ship the food to their own ship and then to China".

Jack Thompson

George Negus

Join Leon Byner's Don't Sell Australia Short Facebook Site.

Only 0.1% foreign owned? I don't believe it.

File under: the Leon Byner fan club.

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  1. Hey Mr Byner if you yhink you are so good why not run for politics, by the way you commented about certain pollies and what they get up to what about certain radio hosts who take cash for comments.