Jared Taylor: is diversity a strength?

Craig Bodeker: What are some of the most dangerous myths in American society today?

Jared Taylor: ... There's a whole host of beliefs in the United States today that I would categorise as so obviously wrong and stupid that only very, very intelligent people could persuade themselves that they're true. And one of them is the idea that diversity is a great gift for America. Diversity, of the kind we're all supposed to be celebrating, whether it's religious, or racial, or linguistic, or cultural - all of that - they are sources of tension and conflict, all around the world wherever you look. People are slaughtering each other with great diligence because diverse people are trying to share the same territory. And for us to think that that's a strength for the United States it's completely cuckoo...

Craig Bodeker: What are the policy consequences of believing in these myths?

Jared Taylor: Well, the whole notion of diversity, the notion that if you fill the United States with people as unlike each other as possible, that is somehow going to produce a great nation? That's very dangerous and it is particularly unfortunate for whites - the people who built and established this nation. Whites are supposed to celebrate diversity. What does that mean? They're supposed to celebrate their dwindling numbers and their dwindling influence. It's not as though you can fill the country with Haitians and Guatemalans and turn them into the moral heirs of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. It's simply not going to happen.

... the idea that you can get all these people from around the world and hold hands and sing kumbaya and live happily ever after? Crazy, and it will reduce whites to a minority. Frankly, I don't want to be a minority. I don't want my grandchildren to be a minority. So, the implications are bad for the country as a whole, because diversity is a source of conflict, and they're particularly bad for whites because they will be reduced to a minority in which they are likely to be a despised remnant. All of this story about how whites oppressed the third world, how they oppressed and enslaved blacks, they're not going to stop talking about that, not at all. No, I won't want to be here a hundred years from now if current trends continue.

Craig Bodeker: Are you saying that when whites become a minority, they might be treated differently?

Jared Taylor: ... this may be a very unfashionable thing to say but if you look at American history of the last 50 years, whites have treated minorities with the kind of munificence and a kind of generosity that is unprecedented in the history of the world. Whites are still the majority in this country and yet whites have instituted institutions that discriminate against their own people... And this kind of unfairness... Blacks and Hispanics vote in overwhelming numbers to keep those preferences... Well when they become a majority do you think they're suddenly going to suddenly think "gee, this is just not fair to those wicked white racists who oppressed us all those hundreds of years"?

No, once they become a majority, what's going to happen to the white minority? ... If I were expecting the coming non-white majority to treat whites the way whites have treated non-whites for the last 50 years I'd say "go right ahead" ... not going to happen.

Craig Bodeker: Care to predict the future for whites?

Jared Taylor: ... there are really two possibilities. If whites continue to sleepwalk in this brow-beaten bamboozled state in which they think that anything that they do to preserve a white a majority or to promote their own interests, if they continue to think that that's somehow wrong, then the United States will become like Brazil. It'll be a nation in which there's a small number of people who live in gated communities and they helicopter from their gated communities to their gated swim clubs and to their gated schools, while the rest of the brown and black mass below is seething and bubbling. I can imagine the United States turning into a Brazil of that kind.

On the other hand, if whites wake up to the fact that they face a real crisis, that their civilisation, their continuation as a people, a distinct people with a distinct culture - that existence is at stake - they may do something about that, and preserve at least part of the United States or some system in which they can affirm themselves as a majority people and culture.

I think it is one of those two, and I think you can imagine which is the one that I would prefer for the United States. I don't want my descendants to be living in a Brazil. I want them to be living in some country in which they can be proud of their ancestors, proud of their culture, and that they live in a society which reflects that culture, not some crazy mishmash where everything from all around the world has come in a mutually uncomprehending, perpetually hostile state. Which is what I think we will end up with unless whites wake up.
File under: so obviously wrong and stupid that only very, very intelligent people could persuade themselves that they're true.

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  1. Quality video. Quality argument. Jared Taylor is a legend.