The Power of Community Building :: Bart Campolo

Probably the key problem facing the West is the triumph of individualism at the expense of acting strategically and cohesively in the interests of our group. Diverse immigration, and making China rich with our trade, are suicidal from the perspective of our group. Such policies arise because we are no longer acting rationally in our group's interest.

The answer to that problem lies in rebuilding communities where we can all belong to something, and start acting cohesively and intelligently in our own interests again.

The West might be too culturally fractured to come back together as one mono-culture, so we might be a collection of different subgroups, who respect and coordinate with each other.

I don't know who Bart Campolo is, or what his politics are. (He was an evangelical preacher, and is now non-religious). We can assume his politics are left-liberal-lunatic as usual. But that's not the point of this video. It's about the importance of community building in attracting and retaining lifelong followers to your movement.

He's talking from a non-religious perspective, but is not too irreverent. It should be of interest to anyone concerned about rebuilding community and thereby rebuilding the West. It's a very good talk.

File under: outreach.

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