Music break (sort of)

This song is interesting for two reasons (a) it's a beautiful song about a soldier counting down the days until they return home but (b) it's also implicitly a haunting song about the utter intellectual bankruptcy of a Western world that refuses to study the Islamic religion and what it actually teaches (hint: The Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS are pure Islam).

You can't deny the other side don't wanna die anymore than we do.

What I'm trying to say is: don't they pray to the same god that we do?

I'm not fighting for justice, I'm not fighting for freedom

I am just fighting for my life, another day in this world here

I just do what I've been told, we're just the gravel on the road

And only the lucky ones come home

On the day after tomorrow.
Er, no they don't pray to the same god, that's precisely the point. Their god loves death more than life. Their god promises them virgins in heaven if they die fighting to expand Islam. Their god's prophet beheaded a whole Jewish tribe, and many other atrocities. As Wafa Sultan's book suggests, it's A God Who Hates.

File under: Western lobotomy.

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