Beheading plot in Sydney, Australia, ordered by ISIS

... the biggest counter-terrorism operation in Australia's history.

15 people have been detained in Sydney and Brisbane and one man has been charged with planning a terrorist attack on Australian soil.

Police allege he was ordered to behead random people in public. The order came from Mohammad Ali Baryalei ... the most senior Australian member of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq...
The horrific details of the plot alleged by police were revealed when Omarjan Azari appeared in court today, accused of planning a terrorist attack.

Police say they had Azari under surveillance since May this year, but had to act after intercepting a phone call two days ago, which they say was between Azari and a senior Australian militant in the Middle East who was exhorting him to kidnap and execute a random selection of people in public.
File under: archetypes.

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