Mohammedan, not Muslim

Another great video by Dr. Bill Warner. By using the terms Mohammedan instead of Muslim, and Mohammedism instead of Islam, it puts the spotlight onto the character of Mohammed, the warlord. There are 90 verses in the Koran which say that Mohammed is the perfect role model, for all Muslims, for all time. To understand Islam, you need to understand Mohammed. Islam is the worship of Allah, and the imitation of Mohammed, but primarily the imitation of Mohammed.

Bill Warner, The Life of Mohammed:
In Medina, Mohammed sat all day long beside his 12-year-old wife while they watched as the heads of 800 Jews were removed by sword. Their heads were cut off because they had said that Mohammed was not the prophet of Allah. Muslims view these deaths as necessary because denying Mohammed’s prophet-hood was an offense against Islam, and beheading is the accepted method of punishment, sanctioned by Allah.
File under: archetypes.

Via GatesOfVienna.

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