Unprovoked slashing at Fluid Oz Bar Melb.

Yet another "random, mysterious, unprovoked, and unfathomable" attack.

Man slashed with box cutter in toilets of the Fluid Oz Bar in Melbourne
Rhys Keogh ... had been enjoying a night out with friends at the Fluid Oz Bar on Elizabeth St on Saturday night when he left the pool table in the early hours of Sunday morning to use the toilet.

Moments later, while still at the urinal, an unknown man produced a box cutter and attacked him ...

"I have no idea why he did it or what motive he had." ...

It's strange how these unprovoked attacks often involve different races. But I'm sure racial hatred has nothing to do with it, it's probably alcohol, or poverty, or a bad pub meal. Yep.

File under: random patterns.

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  1. Gruesome. He was probably attacked because he is white or has a poofy hairstyle, or most likely both. It's a jungle out there.