Abbott targets Hanson, but welcomes China

Tony Abbott is in the USA making a fool of himself ...

Abbott tells US to welcome China's rise
Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has urged the United States to have more confidence in itself and not "begrudge" the rise of China...

"Obviously, China's increasing economic strength is being matched by increased military capability," he said.

"Still, the richer and more sophisticated a people become, and the more access they have to information, the less likely they are to be impressed by militarism.

"Stronger countries have more and more capacity to make trouble but they also have less and less incentive to do so.

"A China that was freer as well as richer would be the best guarantee of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

"The right response to the rise of China is not to begrudge its growing economic strength but to welcome it and even to foster it."
Ahem, with "more access to information" the Chinese can plainly see that Western democracies are dying due to suicidal adherence to diversity, globalisation and debt. They surely will become more "sophisticated" with wealth, but free like us? No chance. They laugh at democracy. As Donald Trump says:
Look, I know lots of folks in China. They think we are the dumbest son-of-a-bitches in the world, alright. They think our representatives don’t know what they’re doing. They laugh at us behind our back...
Just to prove how stupid Abbott is, reconcile his "fostering" attitude to Chinese ultra-nationalists with his role in imprisoning Australian anti-immigration nationalist Pauline Hanson...

Abbott set up slush fund to ruin Hanson
One of the Howard Government's most senior ministers last night revealed he raised nearly $100,000 to lay the groundwork for Pauline Hanson's prosecution for electoral fraud.

The Minister for Workplace Relations, Tony Abbott, admitted setting up a trust, Australians for Honest Politics, from donations to pay for legal actions against Hanson and her party, One Nation.

He had also organised a separate "donor" to support a One Nation dissident, Terry Sharples, in seeking an injunction to block One Nation from receiving public electoral funds.
So, Australian 'racist' political party bad, yet Chinese racist imperialist party good. Go figure.

At least our population is not so dumb...

Australians fear war with China, says Lowy Institute survey
ALMOST half of Australians believe that China will become a military threat to Australia within 20 years, prompting record support for the US alliance.

According to the 2010 Lowy Institute foreign policy poll, 46 per cent of people think China will be a threat, with 19 per cent of them rating the possibility as "very likely".

And 55 per cent of the 1001 people surveyed named China as the world's top economic power, compared with 32 per cent for the United States...
File under: Chinese goods are not cheap.

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