Student hands in passport over road deaths

Student hands in passport over road deaths
Kuljeet Kang ... was over the legal blood-alcohol limit on Christmas Day when he lost control of his car on the Great Ocean Road near Princetown and slammed into a tree.

The accident killed both of his passengers.

Police opposed bail, citing previous cases where Indian nationals have fled from Australia while facing driving charges.
Now I know what you xenophobes are thinking again: the roads are no longer safe with foreigners on the roads, foreigners are excitable primitives doomed to repeat our hard-learned lessons in road safety, the issuing of drivers licences is corrupted, the country to going to ruin, etc.

But, once again, there is absolutely no evidence of such a pattern of accidents or corruption involving foreigners. None, nil, nada, zip, zilch, nix, goose egg, duck, nought.

File under: drink, drive, bloody ideologue.

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