Refugee touched school girls at Darwin wave pool

Police are looking into allegations an asylum seeker assaulted a group of young girls at an aquatic complex in Darwin, Australia.

Detainee 'touched' girls: claim
AN IMMIGRATION detainee was kicked out of the Darwin wave pool after he allegedly tried to feel the breasts of six primary school girls.

... an inmate of the Northern Immigration Detention Centre who was on an excursion at the Darwin Wave Lagoon yesterday.

... at least 200 children were at the pool for the 10am to 2pm session and staff were flat out keeping an eye on them...

"The word got around quickly - watch this guy, he's touching kids," she said...

"What flabbergasted me was ... Serco didn't give a sh*t and neither did the wave pool," she said...

"When they found her, she said that they're trying to assimilate people into the community."

"They (Serco and the Wave Lagoon) didn't ring the cops. I rang police in the end."
Another day, another sexual assault brought to this country by the bleeding heart nation wreckers Bob Brown, Sarah Hanson-Young, Julia Gillard, Chris Bowen, and Kevin Rudd.

Well it's a good thing he is now detained again. But wait ...

States in revolt on refugee burden resulting from bridging visas
JULIA Gillard's plan to move thousands of asylum-seekers out of detention centres and into the community has triggered a war with the two largest states ...

... some of the unaccompanied "minors" released into the community appeared to be "significantly older" than their declared age of 16 or 17.

"In some cases these students appear to be in their 20s," the commission reported.

The commission went on to note that schools had a duty of care to their students and that it "may not be appropriate for numbers of 20-something adults to be in the same classroom with younger children".
That's right, not only are your kids now sharing a pool with refugees, they are also sitting next to them in the classroom.

File under: victims of the bleeding heart open-border ideologues.

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