Queensland's Great Artesian Basin is ... fracked

Farmers count cost of coal seam gas rush
The company behind a $15 billion coal seam gas development in Queensland is being investigated for damaging an underground water source within the Great Artesian Basin system, tonight's Four Corners program reveals.

The incident was uncovered by a sleuthing Queensland farmer, Anne Bridle, as she investigated rumours of a fracking mishap near her beef and grain property in Dalby...

The problems arose when Queensland Gas Company (QGC) fracked its Myrtle 3 well, connecting the Springbok aquifer to the coal seam below, the Walloon Coal Measures, in 2009.

Ms Bridle has raised several concerns: that chemicals used in the process - which included 130 litres of THPS - may have migrated into the water supply; that water from the different aquifers could intermingle, affecting the water quality; and also that water levels in the aquifer could fall.

The company did not alert authorities or nearby water users about the problem until 13 months after the incident.

"Ultimately there's no-one checking to see what happens under the ground. The accountability is not there," Mrs Bridle said.
Watch the 4 Corners program here.

File under: Anna Bligh and Julia Gillard - environmental vandals destroying prime farm land and screwing future generations in the process. Farmland and mining don't mix, you reckless morons!

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