James Arvanitakis: anti-White, open-borders fatalist, with a dash of smugness

James Arvanitakis, Population: Size Doesn’t Matter:
Yes, recent migrants often congregate together in certain suburbs, but as we have seen with the Greek, Italian and Vietnamese migrants, within a generation of two they disperse. Migrants have always made Australia a more vibrant society...

We are part of a global community and reap the benefits. The challenge of population numbers is an international issue and by simply putting up a fence around Australia and saying ‘no more’ does not solve anything. We rely on the rest of the world for our economic, social and cultural vibrancy – we are unlikely to benefit if we turn our back on such issues and the results are difficult to predict...

In hindsight, the Indigenous people standing at Sydney Heads and watching the First Fleet arriving in 1788 would argue that the 1,500 migrants were way too many – and this has nothing to do with numbers. As George Mombiot noted, it is “no coincidence that most of those who are obsessed with population growth are post-reproductive wealthy white men: it’s about the only environmental issue for which they can’t be blamed.” It is time we left the numbers debate behind and concentrated on real issues of sustainability.
Arvanitakis, presumably of Greek origin, is rolled-gold proof that, within a generation, immigrants disperse into open-borders anti-White activists. He is a living-breathing argument against diverse immigration. His love of vibrancy insults White culture by implying it is deficient.

Guess why the Aborigines didn't like the First Fleet? Because they preferred homogeneity over diversity. Guess why Whites don't like diversity on mass? Same reason. Guess why Arvanitakis doesn't like White Australia? Same reason: because he doesn't like being a dominated by a foreign demographic. It's a sign of the times when we have smug fatalists like Arvanitakis posing as academics, whilst reason struggles to see daylight.

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